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Putting baby in travel cot long term?

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JumpJockey Tue 23-Aug-11 06:50:41

dd2 is 7 months and for her whole life the longest she's slept is 3 hours . Last night fairl typical - sleep at about 8 (have a toddler to get to bed as well) then woke at 11, 2, 4.15 then up for the day at 5.45 (wouldn't settle ba k).

Except on holiday last 2 weeks, when she did 5 hour stretches, and one night even only woke once. We've had to move the base of he cot down as she's pulling up to stand, and she's whacking herself against the sides a lot as he rolls about in the night, tbus waking uo. I'm pretty sure the reason she slept well in the travel cot is because the sides are fabric, so less painful.

Would it be bad to put her back into the travel cot for more than a few nights?

Catsu Tue 23-Aug-11 07:01:44

Don't see why not. If she wasn't comfy in it she wouldn't sleep so well!
Does it have a decent mattress? Maybe get a new thicker mattress if you've only got a flimsy one to make it more supportive?

I have been wondering something similar myself. I am imminently due dc3 who will need to be in my room for a while before going in to share with other dcs. At the moment I only have a Moses basket on my room and big cot bed in dcs room.
No way will cot bed fit in my room so will need something to do a few months once baby outgrows Moses basket that will fit in my room.
Was thinking of using travel cot instead of buying crib
will see what other replies you get to help me decide!!!

amyboo Tue 23-Aug-11 13:48:23

Why not put a cot bumper in the cot? DS (now 17 months) had his until about a month ago when we took it off in preparation for taking the side off the cot... I know many people in the UK whinge about them, but here on the other side of the channel they're very popular and certainly did no harm to DS (who is also a very rolling about sleeper). We had a half cot one... Might be worth considering?

JumpJockey Tue 23-Aug-11 20:17:56

Amyboo - we had a bumper but took it off when i put the bottom of the cOt down, Dh did a very convincing mime of a child slipping and garotting themself on one sad

She had been in a sidecar co-sleeper thing untjl she started whamming her legs on it with all the rolling, we hoped getting the bigger cot would mean less of this but inxtead she's just built up more momentum when she does hit the side!

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