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Has your DC stopped daytime naps early or is it just us??

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Macey78 Wed 03-Aug-11 20:33:19

DD is 13months and refusing or being stubborn about daytime nap. It has coincidently coincided with me going back to work. (part time 3 days DH works 3 days and mum has DD 1 day) Normally she would go down after lunch nicely for a couple of hours now just tears and tantrums, I just take her near the cot and she is clinging on to me for dear life. Monday tried letting her cry it out but after 44mins could't take it anymore. Yesterday managed to get her down by lying nxt to her then putting in her cot but she only slept for 30mins. Today mum did not try because she said DD seemed happy enough to play etc have asked her to try nxt week, DH with DD tomorrow he is going to try however I know he will give in a lot quicker than I do.

Recently she has become quite clingy and follows me about everywhere is this connected in any way?

Incidentally we have no trouble at bed time which is at 7.

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