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Ds screams like mad if OH tries to put him to bed!

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Emandwilliam Sun 24-Jul-11 09:26:13

For the past week DS has been screaming like MAD when OH tries to put him to bed. DS is 6 months old now and has been in a good bed time routine since around 3 months old. Bath, bottle, cuddle then bed- bang usually asleep by 7.30pm.

I'm at home with him all day, OH gets in around 6.30pm and likes to bath ds and give him his bed time bottle.....then put him down (not every night but a few times in the week).

This week DS has been screaming (I mean screaming) with his daddy until I take over....OH isn't doing anything different and is a very hands on daddy. Ds is teething also so in some discomfort (I'm using pain relief for this) we have 3 teeth now smile

What do we do?

1) do we accept that I have to put him to bed? He's in discomfort and just wants his mummy.

2) OH puts him to bed and just has to zone out of the screaming, until he realises that daddy can provide comfort as well.

3) suggestions???

I'm conscious that I don't want to continually "take over" from his daddy as he may learn screaming gets what he wants....


HollyFP Sun 24-Jul-11 09:29:53

But if he wants his mummy why would you deny him that? smile it's just a phase, we had this too. They will learn to accept being put to bed by Dad again don't worry, but don't think you're starting bad habits just cos he wants you for now, he's only a tiny baby!
Accept it for now but keep trying with Dad every so often, he'll get used to it again!

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