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Any advice would be great

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xkatyx Sat 04-Jun-11 13:23:04

Hi everyone I have a lovely 5 month old daughter, she is such a little sweetie.
2 weeks ago she began sleeping through the night for really well but then she got a cold and has since even though she is better just wakes up playing and screaming with delight!!?? This can go on for 3 hours.

Last night I gave in a just decided to feed her in hope it would just make her go back to sleep which it did.

My problem is I found out I am pregnant again with twins!!! And even though got a few months yet I'm scared I'm going to be feeding 3 babies in the night!!

Help please any advice to help get her sleeping through again eventually.

beachavendrea Sat 04-Jun-11 19:08:49

i don't really have any advice just that my ds started 'sleeping through' at this time and it was patchy for about 5-6months really. He is now 13 months and mostly sleeps through. sometimes we get a 5:30 wake up sometimes we get a 2am wake-up for an hour. So I guess my advice is it's pretty normal for them to sleep through stop and then start again.

It might be teeth so you could try nurofen.

I stopped feeding my ds at night when he was 6 months and have mostly stuck to this with a few exceptions, at 5 months she might still need the food though.

congratulations on the twins!

beatofthedrum Sun 05-Jun-11 21:18:34

Wow xkatyx, you gave me some very helpful nap advice a while back (our babies are the same age) and it transformed our days (still does!) so I often think of you gratefully hee hee!
Twins? Wow!! Congratulations, sounds crazy full-on but how fantastic, you must be thrilled!
No great advice here, but my gorgeous ds loves to shriek with joy during the night too, and he'd slept through from 14 weeks till about 18. He roars like a little happy bear cub - is massively sweet but also very loud! Like your dd he goes back to sleep if fed.
I think will just be little phase. I worried so much about my older dd's sleeping habits but however bad or weird they were, they always changed within a few weeks. Shrieking/roaring with joy is comparatively quite a nice habit smile
Best of luck, enjoy your baby and your pregnancy!

xkatyx Mon 06-Jun-11 07:50:16

Thank you, I think it must be a funny stage.

Ahhh so glad to be of service and very glad your little one is getting on nicely shock

I do hope it will pass soon as the thought of doing all these night feeds us scary lol

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