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20 weeks old - should he be sleeping better?

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sweetandtenderhooligan Sun 16-Jan-11 18:08:51

DS goes down around 7 or 8pm, knackered. Starts snuffling, groaning etc after a couple of hours, wakes shortly after, feeds, sleeps for another 2 hours or so, wakes, feeds and usually won't settle after 3 or 4am and I bring him into my bed as I'm desperate by then.

What's going on? Is this typical? Or are some babies so hungry they needs feeding every 2 hours (he's bf). Or is it habit? Never had this issue with DD.

Any advice appreciated because the lack of sleep is starting to piss me off.

Chil1234 Sun 16-Jan-11 19:08:56

Is he quite a large baby? It would be logical to assume that a bigger baby need more energy and therefore more frequent feeding. Yes, habit probably comes into it as well because the breast is comfort as well as food... and you happen to be attached to it, unfortunately! My baby DS (a chunkster) used to feed every 2 hours up to the point when we started with weaning.... but he was born in 2000 when the advice was 16 weeks. Good luck

JoinTheDots Sun 16-Jan-11 19:35:26

Hi there

I have a sleep thread going at the moment so maybe not the best person to respond - but - my DD is 21 weeks on Monday and stills wakes every 2 hours to feed in the night. She was doing slightly longer, getting 3 and sometimes (not often! 4 hours) when she was a little younger, but I have put it down to the 4 month sleep regression. There are loads of threads about it, and it does pass (I am told).

I am also in the process of getting DD to go to bed earlier (currently its 8.30 and the thinking from other members is she might be over tired and might sleep better through the night if she goes off earlier)

Lets hope they start sleeping better soon!

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