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So i messed up, now my 7m.o. DD is going to bed after 2am! Help..

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mammainlove Wed 12-Jan-11 00:39:03

My dd has been going to bed with us at 11pmish, co sleeping since she was born. We have realised recently how much we want a couple of hours by ourselves in the evenings so we want her to sleep from 9pm ideally. She sleeps 11hours, and naps every 3 hours in the daytime. Today she had a late nap at 9.3Opm (got up 10.30am) so i thought i'd try and see if she'll stay asleep, by feeding her back to sleep every time she woke up. Alas she woke up at 12am and is totally hyper (her daddy's playing with her at the moment, though he has to be up for work at 8am!) i know she wont calm down enough to go back to sleep til after 2am. How do i get her to go to bed earlier from tomorrow? Do i just wake her up at 8am? If so she (and myself) will be tired out through the day and she'll probably just fall back to sleep and make up for it anyway, like she did last time. What shall i do? i cant think straight.

Chil1234 Wed 12-Jan-11 07:08:13

You're going to have to treat this like 'jet-lag' and force the pace for a few days until she gets into a more normal routine. Keep bringing bedtime forward.... and most babies that age go down between 7 and 8pm.... and wake her up at a reasonable time in the morning. Make sure her bedroom is completely dark (with a blackout blind if necessary) because stray light triggers the waking response. Yes, she'll want a nap mid-morning but that's pretty normal. Good luck

Geepers Wed 12-Jan-11 07:13:39

Get the Gina Ford book. Even if you don't follow her routine to the letter her advice is good when adapted to suit each baby.

How many hours total is she sleeping as day?

My babies day is this, give or take

7am wake
9-9.30 nap
11.45-1.45 nap
4-4.45 nap
6.45 bed

MrsPickles Wed 12-Jan-11 07:21:14

Don't wake her at 8am today (I imagine you're asleep now though, not reading MN), like CHil123 says keep bringing bedtime forward and waking her up in the morning. If her usual get up time is 10.30am then today wake her at 10am, let her sleep for no more than 3 hours during the day and put her to bed at 10 or 10.30pn (bringing bedtime forward by half an hour). Do this until you've got more into an 8 to 8 routine. It will mean waking your baby up quite a lot in the mornings and the daytime but will be worth it hopefully when you get your evenings back. Just don't do it too quickly or you will have a grumpy sleep deprived baby take it one half hour at a time. One word of caution, your co-sleepign baby might not be too impressed at having to spend evenings on her own, mine does wake up quite a bit and only really settles when I come to bed so I do have to keep nipping in and out to lie with her or feed her. Is strange as mine (8 months) can self settle fine at naps and when I put her down to start with at night by sucking her thumb, she just likes to be next to us during the night.

mammainlove Wed 12-Jan-11 14:49:32

Thanks everyone. She awoke at 11am today and is having a nap now. She sleeps about 11hours at night and about 2 hours split into 3 naps in the day. I think you're right mrspickles about waking her half an hour earlier each day, and it's understandable them getting bit fed up about sleeping on their own at night, it's best being together especially at night when it's snuggle time! Ah well they might get used to it the older they get x

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