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For those with two or more DC under 5 - what time do they go to bed/what order/what is your routine?

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GrizzlyMacDuff Fri 07-Jan-11 21:03:24

DS is 13 months, DD is 4.

DD goes to bed at around 7pm ish.

DS since a baby has taken a long time to get settled, often not settling til 8-9pm so would go to bed after DD, although we would do bedtime routine together. I have brought his sleep back, and we aim to get them both in bed for 7pm, but it never happens, DS always settles at around 7:30pm, often as late at 8pm. Even if he is in ed for 7pm it takes a while. And DD often wants me to put her to bed (DS is breastfed). I would love DS to be in bed before DD as this seems the 'correct' way.

I wondered what your routine is so i can copy you and how normal it is for younger ones to go to bed later than older ones.

SylvanianFamily Fri 07-Jan-11 21:06:01


Rock rock rock alluswellalliswellalliswellommmmmmmm

I'll get back to you when they are asleep

GrizzlyMacDuff Fri 07-Jan-11 21:08:21

sylvanianfamily i hear you i hear you.

Don't you find it always happens on a friday? not sure why they are better tonight, which means it will be horrendous any time soon wink but always worse, or when DH goes out i find them both up with me til god know what time grin

good luck !

GrizzlyMacDuff Fri 07-Jan-11 21:08:51

It is friday isn't it? (panicky thought that I am due in work after all tomorrow...)

dolcegusto Fri 07-Jan-11 21:12:17

I have 2 dds age 2 and 4. Bedtime is usually 7pm for both although tonight was about 6.30 as they were both exhausted.

Usually our evening routine is something like:
5pm tea
6pm bath and into pjs
6.30 head upstairs for tidy up time (meant to be dds tidying but they tend to run around while I tidy), brush teeth, story time, good night kisses and then they blow the light out. (VERY important not to forget blowing light out or they both scream at me!)

they do share a room so bedtime is easier with both together, although they can sometimes keep each other awake. In fact ATM they share a bed and look soooo cute!

devonsmummy Fri 07-Jan-11 21:14:59

My dd is almost 16mtjs and bf, ds is 4 and for the last 2-3 months have both been asleep by 6.30-7

Before that dd would have her crazy time around 6-8 with no hope of settling her and I'd have to put her to bed later or struggle to keep her quiet while reading to ds and getting him to sleep.

I can't sleep in same room as dh as he snores so we were me and dd in double bed and dh and ds in ds's room.
I'd put ds into his bed and sit at the end of his bed for storytime and feed dd then put her in other room once ds asleep.

Hopefully your youngest will fall in with your routine like mIne did - eventually!! Good luck

arentfanny Fri 07-Jan-11 21:15:58

DS 2.5 goes to bed by 7pm at the latest, depending on whether he has had a snooze.

DD 5 in two weeks, goes to bed at 7.45, if she goes to bed any earlier she doesn't sleep and is up and down until much later.

Piffpaffpoff Fri 07-Jan-11 21:17:41

Have 4yo and 2yo. We have a fairly strict routine and have done since they were small. Tea is around 5, bath straight after tea, into pjs then milk and biscuit at 6ish. We generally play, read books or watch Cbeebies til about half six then they get to watch one Sean the sheep or something similar. This is the signal that it is nearly bedtime. When this finishes we go upstairs and do teeth brushing then they get a story together then in bed by 7. 2yo light out immediately, 4yo gets to keep his on for 15 mins to look at books if he wants to.

When they were smaller the younger one got her final bf of the day while the older one had their cup of milk.

mylifewithstrangers Fri 07-Jan-11 21:24:32

Upstairs at 7.30 (7pm if bath night). I change and dress DS (14 months) while DD (almost 4) supposedly gets her PJs on - which generally means she runs around naked mostly. Finish getting DD ready then brush their teeth. Story with DD while DS runs around destroying things (he is not interested in stories yet, but hopefully this will change). DD gets lights out by 8 and she goes straight to sleep (thank god). Take DS through for his final BF and put him in his cot, sometimes he goes off alone, sometimes he complains a bit - he's still a work in progress wink

GrizzlyMacDuff Fri 07-Jan-11 21:26:03

devonsmummy oh that is just like my 13 month old, he seems to prefer the quiet time of me and him once DD is in bed, and does go a bit mad for a while still! I have tried to bring his bedtime forward to earlier than DD but he won't settle without stories with her. I am currently doing what you do, both ready, DD to bed, stories with both, then feed DS and bed himself.

dolce what age did you put them in a room together? We are going to do the same, but not sure when would be a good idea. The routine will be much easier when together, but I guess I worry that he should be in bed earlier than 7:30pm? And don't want them to share too early and disturb DD!

Insanitybecomesme Fri 07-Jan-11 21:30:43

It can be chaos here with 4 under 5 to sort at night as well as two older ones and often Dh is on a late shift so my routine is rather rigid,
Dinner at 5pm then wash twins (11months) they have bedtime milk and then are plonkedinto bed at 6.30. DD(4) gets herself changed as I help Ds(just turned 3)get ready for bed they both share a room so they go up to bed together at 7pm and I read them a bedtime story, usually by 7.15 they are asleep, I then spend the next hour making sure the eldest two(9&10) have completed homework and are in bed for 8pm.
When this goes to plan its great but there are some nights where the twins refuse to sleep and I am amazed that I manage to get the others to bed at all.

dolcegusto Fri 07-Jan-11 23:25:35

They've always shared, well since dd2 went in a cot at about 6 months.(dd1 would have been 2.6) We have an extra bedroom but it's full of junk really small. They do sometimes keep each other up at night but not too often, I asked dd1 the other day if she'd like her own room that she didn't gave to share with her sister and she looked at me as if I was mad and said 'no I like sharing with dd2' (which is a surprise as they spend their days squabbling over toys!)

StartingAfresh Sat 08-Jan-11 02:07:37

Sorry no routine. It depends on who has napped in the day, how long for and how close to bed time which determines which one goes to bed first or whether they go together.

Having said that 'usually' my 2yr old goes to bed after the 4yr old on account that she had a long afternoon nap.

Also, they both go to bed any time between 7:30pm and 10pm depending on how tired they are.

MumGoneCrazy Sat 08-Jan-11 02:49:47

Tea at 5-5.30pm

Cuddles while watching tv 5.30-6pm

If bath night then bath,teeth,pjs at 6pm
If no bath then we read until 6.30pm then wash,teeth,pjs

DD3 (15months) has milk then bed at 7pm

DD1&2 (5 and 4) watch simpsons with DP at 7pm then bed at 7.30pm

DS (10yrs) does what he likes until bed at 8-8.30pm on school nights depends how tired he is and on weekends he stays up until he falls asleep usually by 10pm

GrizzlyMacDuff Sat 08-Jan-11 21:07:30

oh good that it is not completely unusual for youngers to go to bed before the older ones!

DS is in his own room as of tonight, expect he will continue to go to bed late for now, will be sharing in the next month or so, so dolce we shall see how DD gets on too, she is very keen in theory, wonder how it will be in practice!

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