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Massive variation in naps for 5 week old, normal??

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SleepDeprivedGrumpyBum Thu 16-Dec-10 15:25:47

My DS has been very sleepy today, managed to get him to take a nap this morning and then everytime he's fed he's fallen back to sleep (i think he's currently been napping for a couple of hours in his moses basket)

Yet on other days i.e. yesterday he only managed one nap all day and wouldnt be put down.

I have no problem with him napping alot,( i think it makes him more relaxed in the evenings as not so overtired) but im just wondering whether this massive variation day to day is something others have experienced?

He's had a couple of quite unsettled nights as well, so is he just playing catch up do we think?

Also should i be waking him up to feed or working on the assumption he will let me know when he's hungry?

pookamoo Thu 16-Dec-10 15:30:34

Perfectly normal, I'd say, although it's probably not helpful to you! My DD was several months old before there was any pattern at all, maybe 6 months plus...

Have you thought of a sling, for the times when he "won't be put down" ? He could also nap in there.

I live by the motto "never wake a sleeping baby" although if you are BFing and your boobs are about to pop, it can be hard! He will let you know when he's hungry.

It's not so much "naps" at 5 weeks old, just their normal way of life, I think!

Congrats on your DS... what a lovely Christmas for you this year!

SleepDeprivedGrumpyBum Thu 16-Dec-10 15:36:59

Thaks for the quick response Pookamoo, i have a kari me sling which is the only place DS slept yesterday, although he always screams when i put him in it, contrary little monkey.

I too am i fan of the "never wake a sleeping baby" motto, and to be honest i think that its so unsual for me not to be holding him, or jiggling him that the length of time he's been asleep probably seems longer to me than it really is, IYKWIM

He was a pretty awesome early xmas present, but if santa could see fit to bring me even just 5 hours solid sleep it would be perfect

pookamoo Thu 16-Dec-10 16:15:49

Hmm, I know exactly where you are coming from: My DD was 4 weeks old for her first Christmas, and woke up at 11pm on Christmas Eve, then stayed awake until 6.30am!! Luckily we were at my mum's and could be looked after all day! Hurrah for Grandma!

We had a Kari-Me sling too, and it saved our sanity to be honest. We quickly discovered that DD preferred to face out and as she had quite a strong neck and head, she was facing out from about 6 weeks. She much preferred it. HOW do they know when you sit down, is what I would like to know. You stand and jiggle them and they are fine, you dare to sit for 2 seconds and they are immediately Not Happy!

You sound like a lovely mum, and 5 weeks old is still so tiny, so keep doing what you are doing, and things will eventually get better... although who can say when that will be! grin

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