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What do I do- 2yr old waking at 3am turning on lights, waking brother...

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boHOHOhemianbint Wed 15-Dec-10 09:47:41

we've just moved so am making some allowances, but ds2 is refusing to stay in his cot and is climbing out, standing on his brother's bed and turning the light on. Monday night this went on until half 10pm so yesterday I kept him up all day then put him down earlier so he could settle before we put ds1(4) to bed. This worked- until 3am, at which point he just wouldn't stay put. He got out of his cot, out of his sleeping bag and almost over the stairgate. Dh took the lightbulbs out in the end but he didn't crash out until about half 6am. We're all knackered and I don't know what to do! Any advice, please?

boHOHOhemianbint Wed 15-Dec-10 09:50:44

(sorry for lack of paragraphs etc- still no internet here so having to use my phone!)

lifeinagoldfishbowl Wed 15-Dec-10 09:53:13

I would

Put him in a bed - if he can get out of his cot you might as well put him in a bed.

Move Ds1's bed so that he can't reach the lightswitch

Do wake to sleep to see if that works

RiojaLover75 Wed 15-Dec-10 09:56:58

Take the bulb out! That's what DH did to DS1 when he was doing this. It's a stage, he'll grown out of it when there's no reward (eg: light comes on, attention from parent who is cross).

Good luck grin

DanceInTheDark Wed 15-Dec-10 09:59:04

Put him in a bed/sleeping bag combo so it's not so dangerous for him climbing out and then take the bulb out. We did that for a bit with DS2. They still get up and try and switch it on but it gets boring when nothing happens

DanceInTheDark Wed 15-Dec-10 10:01:10

oops! i meant take him out of the cot sleeping bag combo and out him in a bed

boHOHOhemianbint Wed 15-Dec-10 10:33:49

we are planning to get bunkbeds asap for them but it'll be a few weeks yet unfortunately as we're skint! At the moment we can't even put them in different rooms and i feel so sorry for ds1 who went to school knackered. We brought him into our room in the end but far from ideal. I woke ds2 up at 7am like normal as i'm buggered if he gets a lie in after that! Want to keep him to normal schedule as far as poss so he doesn't get totally out of whack.
What is sleep to wake?

boHOHOhemianbint Wed 15-Dec-10 12:34:53

sorry, wake to sleep even?

boHOHOhemianbint Wed 15-Dec-10 20:36:20

Well, he's calmed down on the climbing out thing tonight after about half an hour. It's crap- either we shut the door which he can't open, (which he hates) or we just ignore him and risk him falling down the stairs. I wish he'd just grow out of it.

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