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NIKLOU Tue 14-Dec-10 21:47:13

i could write a book on the thinngs that are driving me crazy, but one problem at a time. My 10 yr old daughter still has night light i have been trying to get rid of it, she is not being co-operative, i knew it would be hard but i want to scream, i took the bright light away and bought a very low push on light but as soon as i leave the room she turns on the ceiling light. i have started taking the lightbulb out at night as it was starting to disturb her brother who she shares a room with. any advice on how i can make the transition any easier for her and for me??

piprabbit Wed 15-Dec-10 10:04:50

Does she just want the light because she doesn't like sleeping in the dark, or is it because she wants to read after 'lights out'?

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