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baby nearly 6 months napping routine

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pipplin Tue 14-Dec-10 17:12:26

If I woke DS earlier in afternoon would I able to pop him to bed sooner?
I don't have a routine as such just the one he made himself.

He currently has about an hour in the morning- about half 10 but this seems to be getting later, can stay up til half 11- was 12 today- slept until 1.30ish.

Another sleep about 4 until half 5/6.

He then goes to bed about 9 half 9.

I realise this is probably a bit late.

Do you think maybe an early lunchtime nap then a shorter late afternoon one would be better? I hate waking him up- such a wimp!
Sorry just putting my thoughts onto paper screen really.

Fifilottie Wed 15-Dec-10 10:22:47

At six months my LO had about three naps a day aswell but for some reason she couldn't stay up for more than about one hour and a half.. What time does your DS wake up in the morning. Can you bring all the naps a bit ealier gradually!!.
My Dd was as follows:

6.30 wake
8 - 9.30 nap
11 ish - 12ish nap
3ish nap until about 4
6.30 bedtime
(of course this isn't exact)

It has always been my rule to make sure the last nap of the day doesn't go byond 4 pm so DD can be sleepy again by bedtime at 6.30pm. It took a few weeks of manipualting though. I think you should definitely try and bring that afternoon nap earlier(just wake him up subtlely by opening the curtain slightly) as 9.30 is a late bedtime. You deserve your evenings back!!!!! Good luck

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