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How bad are the back molars for sleep?

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dycey Fri 26-Nov-10 08:06:35

Generally a good sleeper (21 months) though with a tendency to rise early. Had been having s good run with earlier beguiled and 10 hour nights. Suddenly mornings have gone from nearer 6 to 5.20 then 4.50 then 4.30. Could this be from molars? Swollen gum and fingers on his mouth and pretty irritable yesterday,

The other teeth did wake him occasionally for a few days and the front ones were awful - hourly waking. Just wondering what others experience of the dreaded molars are?

Orissiah Fri 26-Nov-10 09:56:12

My DD's molars have been coming in since she turned two and she's 2.5years now. They come in very very slowly and I fully expect another several months of her suffering with them.

When molars start pushing through they make her poos go either mushy or pellet-hard (sorry TMI), she becomes more clingy and irritable, she goes off her food and she wakes early (though no broken nights) for about a week at a time. Then everything calms down for a couple of weeks when she sleeps longer, has far fewer tantrums and generally is a happy-go-lucky girl. And then the cycle repeats.

The molars still haven't come through - I can see them just under the gum line.

Her childminder (who has over 30 years experience of looking after children) says it may go on until she's three. Such a shame as she's pure joy and happy and calm and EASY when not teething.

dycey Fri 26-Nov-10 13:30:41

Thank you orissiah, sounds like it might be that then! O dear that they take that long. He is never normally so irritable - hope it goes away soon!

lukewarmcupoftea Fri 26-Nov-10 13:34:37

Yup, DD1 was a complete nightmare, waking in the night and refusing utterly to go back to sleep for hours at a time. And she was normally the most reliable 13 hour straight sleeper I knew, and also not normally too bothered by teething.

Obviously worth ruling out everything else (e.g. room getting too cold/needs to cut back on daytime naps/eating enough etc etc) just in case though. Good luck - I feel for you, DD2 is unfortunately badly affected by teething and I'm dreading it....

mnistooaddictive Fri 26-Nov-10 13:41:53

Depends on the child. Dd1 had a veryfewnight wakings but suffered a log in day ( head banging etc if nor given calpol ). Dd2 doesn't seem to he noticing at all. Teeth are appearing but no broken nights or particular difficulty in day but some upset stomach

dycey Sat 27-Nov-10 07:06:59

Thanks everyone - so far teeth have had a different effect depending on where in the mouth. Slightly better today at 5.05 so maybe getting up early because of other reasons too. Thank you for your replies

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