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loopylo Sun 21-Nov-10 20:02:07

DD is 6 weeks old. She manages 5 good nights of sleeping 11pm-4.30pm then 4.45-7.30 then will refuse to sleep until 4am then only sleep an hour or two for three nights went back to sleeping for 5 nights and last night was awake nearly all night. What am I doing wrong is this just the unpredictability of new ones.

She is feeding almost continuosly from 4pm until she finally sleeps but will not go down even for half an hour in the evenings which is giving me no time to eat proper dinner etc Its hard.

Will all this improve. Started a 6.30pm bed time routine (bath, story, feed in a dark room.

nickypomtimes Sun 21-Nov-10 20:05:49

You are doing nothing worng!

It is really early days.

6 weeks is known for being unsettled time.

Fussy evenings/cluster feeding is normal and won't go on forever, I promise! Try to have dinner earlier in the day or get OH/pal to bring it if possible.

You are doing grand - the first few months are hard, hard, hard. Make the most of the 11 -4.30 sleeps and nap if you can in the daytime.

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