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Going Backwards!

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pinkhyena Sun 21-Nov-10 02:16:51

My 3 (almost 4) week old for about 5 nights now has got into a really horrible night time routine. Before he would be fairly awake but passive from about 9-12 and wake up a couple of times in the night, falling asleep after each feed. He's now started to be awake and a bit grizzly from around 10-2 and not settling after at least one of his night feeds for at least 2 hours. He also seems to be getting into the habit of only being able to sleep on someone but I refuse to co-sleep for various reasons so nights are a real struggle trying to get him to stay in his cot.

I'm not naive enough to ask for advice about getting him to sleep through the night at his age but ANYTHING would be welcome to help get him on the right track. I feel like i'm at my wits end after pretty much a week of zero sleep!

Will add he's ff and will have normally between 4-5oz but he always seems to be rooting for more and during the day he will sleep well in the mornings but get himself overtired and ratty in the afternoon.

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