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30 min nap max during the day

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mamma1mia Wed 10-Nov-10 18:49:32

Hi all my little one is 23 weeks old and has never been a day time sleeper, although she is good at night. Generally she only sleeps for a max of 30 mins two sometimes three times during the day. By 5pm she is so tired, and is asleep bt 6pm. Does anyone else have a LO like this? I am concerned that she isn't getting enough sleep (but she does sleep from 6pm until 6 am, waking twice during the night). Any thoughts on encouraging LO to sleep longer would be much appreciated.

Zeeky Wed 10-Nov-10 18:56:26

DS1 was like that - you could set your watch by him. It used to drive me crazy as could never get anything done in the daytime. When he got to about 18mths and was running around he suddenly started sleeping for a couple of hours at lunchtime (& still does aged 3 and a half!) It was bliss! I think he was just wearing himself out! Not much help for you, but gives you hope that they may grow out of the cat napping.

DS1 (6mths) is the opposite in that he has been regularly napping for 2 or 3 hrs at a time since he was a couple of weeks old!

If she's sleeping well at night then I wouldn't worry about it.

mamma1mia Wed 10-Nov-10 19:57:40

Thanks, at least i am not alone!!! Pleased to hear your LO settled down in time, I look forward to the day DD1 does the same!

Jayfer Wed 10-Nov-10 20:58:59

My DS sounds exactly like your little one. He is 6 months and has never slept long during the day. He usually has 3x30min naps during the day but sleeps reasonably well during the night. This week we have been trying the no cry nap solution as suggested by a mumsnetter. What I do is after he's been asleep for 25mins is go in and scoop him up with his blanket and sit in his room quietly. When he stirs 5mins later I rock him back to sleep and I cuddle him until he is back in a fairly deep sleep again. The first day I tried he slept 1hr and 15mins for his first sleep and the same for his lunchtime nap. Brill!
I think the general idea is that you get them used to sleeping longer then eventually they will sleep longer without your intervention.
I messed up today by going in too late with his first nap - he was flapping about and babbling at me, far too awake. Then we were out and about for his second nap so he only had 30 mins as it was too noisy to get him back to sleep. So he only slept for and hour today and was on his uppers by bedtime. Not really sure what you're meant to do if you are out and about but we will press on. Fingers crossed it will work!! (V jealous of friend who's child sleeps for 3 hours in one go and sleeps during the night too!!)

jjazz Thu 11-Nov-10 14:35:20

My DS (10 mts) is the same and always has been. He naps for 30 mins at 9.30 following a BF and usually has 45 mins in his cot at 2 ish. Cant change it what ever I try. He does not seem to be over-tired at bedtime (6.30)any more (used to be a teatime howler until weaned) so I have decided not to worry about it. He is not yet mobile- neither crawling or walking and I have a theory that he may nap longer once he os more tires physically.

MoragG Thu 11-Nov-10 15:22:29

My DD (now 9mts) is the same - used to do 4 x 30 minute naps a day and now does 3 x 30 minute naps. This has been the case since she was about 4 months old. Doesn't matter if she is in the cot/pram/carseat. She does sleep very well at night - currently 12 hours. I used to stress about it, but eventually realised that this is just what she does. I've never tried the no cry naps solution, but hold out hope that once she is more physically active she might nap more during the day :-) One thing I do find hard is the fact that I have to try to make sure she has 3 naps a day, as I know she will not have a longer nap later if we miss one. Look on the bright side though - at least you know when you are able to go out!

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