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Skiing and childcare options for a 3-year old in Morzine

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LRoss Thu 17-Sep-09 14:50:05

We are planning to take my daughter skiing for the first time next March (she will be 3 yys 10 months to be precise!). We are looking at options in Morzine having been there a few times before, however I really need some advice on ski lessons for my daughter. The ESF piou piou club sounds good but I have heard very mixed reports about the attitude of the staff towards the kids (very uncaring and leaving them to cry when distressed?). I have also looked at lessons with the Snow Insitute and parent & child lessons with BASS. I quite liked the idea of the latter as I could see how best to teach my daughter, but I don't know anyone who has used either of these companies.

If you have any experience of these, as well as nannies in Morzine (Powder Babies, Jack Frost, Cheeky Monkeys or Morzine Nannies), please please let me know.


IwishIwasmoreorganised Fri 18-Sep-09 11:30:41

Our DS1 went to club piou piou last January for afternoon sessions. He was 3 years and 3 months and was desperate to go! The staff were fantastic with him. He was the only English child in the class, but the fact that he went in the aftrenoons helped - there were 8 in his class with 1 instructor and 2 nursery nurses. The morning class had over 20 children with just one extra instructor.

WibblingDad Tue 22-Sep-09 13:37:39

Have heard very good things about the parent and toddler lessons with BASS in Morzine and know a few people who have used Cheeky Monkeys - again decent feedback.

taliesm Sun 04-Oct-09 20:21:20

We have been to Morzine for the last 3 years, and used the BASS parent and child group each time (diff kids from two diff families) - BRILLIANT!
They were so helpful and worked with any different personality very well, adapting to suit. They show you useful techniques for teaching too. I can't recommend them highly enough. Not done ESF there, but ESF kids group in Tignes was awful.
We used Jack Frosts nannies. Again very good, esp 2 of the 3 years. The middle year was still very good, but not quite as excellent. Very safe and fun for the kids.
We are going back again this Easter, with yet another child in the baby group, and all the others spread through the various levels of BASS kids classes!

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