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club med (or other) skiing with babies

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crabby Sat 18-Oct-08 19:02:32

Does anyone have experience of club med creche facilities with babies - DD will be 6 months old.

I am just anxious about where to go to where I can trust them with such a little one whilst I am out bashing the slopes... Or other suggestions gratfully accepted!!

Thanks for the advice.

Nettee Mon 20-Oct-08 11:29:40

I took DD at six months with Crystal and they were great with her and we are going with them again next year. It was great to have the creche in the place we were staying. I expect it depends very much on the nannies in the creche that year which is quite unpredictable but there is also Esprit, Mark Warner, Ski Beat, Scott Dunn, Snowline/VIP depending on your budget!

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