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noonar Sat 19-Jan-08 09:41:08

hi, can anyone tell me if there is a stylish but sporty ladies' apres ski boot on the market?

i have bought a pretty cool 'bonfire' jacket and i guess that in terms of my day to day look, i'm more a snowboardy/ sporty type rather than a traditional skier -lol!

but what to wear on my feet?? those rubber boots with the ridges on them and fur inside are a bit mumsy, imo.

any other ideas? or should i just wear my walking boots?

LIZS Sat 19-Jan-08 09:47:34

I have similar style (but cheaper !) to these. tbh you don't really see feet under ski clothes anyway, so go practical and not too obtrusive( ie furry moon boot style !). Roads will be cleared but icy. Walking boots are also fine btu must be waterproof.

noonar Sat 19-Jan-08 09:52:33

thanks, liz. they you pretty good! we have snow and rock in town, so will take a look.

trouble is, i am a size 8 and the ones i tried on in millets were really tight blush. the way the lining was stitched in seemed to make them a size smaller.

LIZS Sat 19-Jan-08 10:14:58

ooh do you ? dh has some S and R vouchers to spend.

noonar Sun 20-Jan-08 16:54:24

let me know if i can check out anything for you in store smile

alibubbles Mon 21-Jan-08 10:29:16

This shop is great, I got mine from here, excellent service k=1

jenthehen Mon 21-Jan-08 18:21:12

I've just bought some Hi-tec St Moritz boots and their fab! Incredibly warm, beige/brown in colour. They were £45.99 I think but I'm not bothered because they are so comfy I think I'll be wearing them to walk to school in every day.

Sixer Thu 24-Jan-08 23:42:23

Try soloman, mine are old now 5/6 yrs old. They are like a walking boot, but for snow. (I'm a snowboarder.) Not that it makes a difference, I think I know where you're coming from though, those furry/tyre looking things ewwww. Oh and if not, nothing like wearing you're snowboarding boots apres, makes then even softer and comfy (moulds to the feet.) Said by an ex-snowboard boot clubber.

noonar Sun 27-Jan-08 20:41:21

hey sixer, i just bought some saloman gortex shoes. great minds...grin

lookitmyshoes Mon 05-Jan-09 09:16:16

Found this thread while searching around. Thanks for all the suggestions girls. I bought my boots from Snow and Rock, but then my friend showed me all the apres ski boots HERE.
So jealous. Going to have to buy another pair now!

slalomsuki Mon 05-Jan-09 13:06:40

I am a Hi Tech St Mortiz girl here in grey. They are fab and I have just returned from skiing where I used them to play with the kids in deep snow. My feet were very warm and toasty.

I have also used them today for digging the car out of the snow.

Well worth the money I say

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks Mon 05-Jan-09 16:53:07

How do the Hi Tec St Moritz boots measure up? I'm normally a 5 in Clarks shoes, but in some shops I need a 6. Do you think I'll be OK with a 5 in these? They look nice.

lookitmyshoes Thu 08-Jan-09 10:22:14

Mine arrived yesterday. Normally I'm a size 5.5, but the 6 fitted very comfortably.

So yes, get size 6 apres ski boots because once you've got your thick socks on they'll be the perfect fit.

slalomsuki Thu 08-Jan-09 15:34:00

I got a 6 and they are fine. I normally would buy a 6.5 but they have enough room in them. Cosy and warm too

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