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Ski resort we can eurostar/ train to??

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WillowSummerSloth Fri 25-Oct-19 15:58:18

Can anyone advise please on a decent ski resort that's close to eurostar or a train? In the interests of the environment we've stopped flying but I'm desperate to ski! We need a family friendly resort (kids are 10,8 and 5), not super expensive or exclusive but with good runs. We'll be going Feb half term. Any advice? From what I remember meribel and courchevel are quite expensive? What about isola 3000 or tignes? Any advice appreciated. Thanks.

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LIZS Fri 25-Oct-19 15:59:20

La Plagne , Alpe dHuez or Les Arcs

AntguaGuate Fri 25-Oct-19 16:08:44

Meribel - and the rest of the Trois Vallees

Eurostar to Moutiers and then a 20/30 minute taxi - around 80 euros for 4

But if you are really concerned about your carbon footprint you might want to reconsider a ski holiday altogether.

pepperup Fri 25-Oct-19 16:24:32

There’s a good article in the telegraph that I stumbled across online: and he says Chamonix, Meribel, Val d’isere or his favourite St Anton.

lanbro Fri 25-Oct-19 16:26:20

I've been to the Three Valleys by Eurostar, was great to get 8 days skiing instead of 6!

SleepyKat Fri 25-Oct-19 16:26:57

Les Arcs is easily doable.

austenozzy Fri 25-Oct-19 16:30:48

I used the train to get to Moutier years ago. Eurostar to Lille, tgv to Grenoble (met with friends there, hence detour) then local train up to moutier. Other friends picked us up there.

happychange Fri 25-Oct-19 16:30:50

Aviemore in Scotland?

TheABC Fri 25-Oct-19 16:32:43

Check out the seat61 website as they have the ski train options laid out. February half term does give you more latitude as extra trains are laid on. If you think the five year old would cope, consider an overnight journey with counchettes (don't try to do it on the Eurostar with reclining seats: it's hellish)

TemporaryPermanent Fri 25-Oct-19 16:34:07

A friend said Tignes but I didn't check it out, sorry.

bestbefore Fri 25-Oct-19 16:37:18

Les arcs - you get the venicular up to the resort from bourg st Maurice, I would check now for availability as it might be tricky?!

WillowSummerSloth Fri 25-Oct-19 17:03:00

Thankyou everyone. Lots to explore here. I didn't know where to start. I did go to les arcs many years ago as a student and it was fairly studenty I remember (but perhaps because I was in a huge group of students??)

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SleepyKat Fri 25-Oct-19 17:15:29

I’ve never thought of Les Arcs as studenty but never gone as a student!

It’s now linked to La Plagne with the big Vanoise express and I think the whole area has improved since then from a piste point of view. Plan Peisey which is between Les Arcs and La Plagne is also lovely, it’s right by the express gondala on the Les Arcs side. I’d say it’s a better situation than Les Arcs but won’t be quite as easy to get to from Borg St MAurice.

LakesLover Fri 25-Oct-19 17:18:17

Weve done Tignes a couple of times on the train. Got Eurostar to Paris and then a regular sleeper train to Bourg St Maurice (sp?). Then there are coaches that run you to Tignes or Val d'Isere. Only faff is you need to change stations in Paris via the metro.

Otherwise there are direct Eurostars but they were more expensive.

I cant believe I'm saying this but I'd actually recommend the coach. Snow Express from Victoria, straight to the resort. They are pretty comfy and you go via ferry. Drops you right in centre of resorts. No faff and pretty cheap.

Milliefizz Fri 25-Oct-19 21:57:46

Snowcarbon is a good website to see resorts you can get to by train. We have been to the following places by train over the years: Puy St Vincent, La Clusaz, Les Saisies, Montgenevre, Les Arcs, Val Thorens, Valmorel and La Rosiere. Isola would be harder to get to by train I'd have thought. I expect you will find that the direct Eurostar to the Tarentaise has already sold out for half term. It is more likely to have availability for Easter. However you could still book Eurostar plus TGV and change in Paris. The hardest thing about going skiing by train is getting hold of the tickets as if you don't get them as soon as they come out the price increases significantly. I would suggest doing Les Arcs for your first train trip as it is one of the closest resorts to a station (Bourg St Maurice). We went to Arc 2000 with Ski Collection who also booked the train for us.

Alwayscheerful Wed 30-Oct-19 07:40:00

I would love to try this over Christmas/New Year.

Embracelife Wed 30-Oct-19 23:27:16

20 of the best Alps ski resorts by train

LayAllYourLoveOnMe Sat 15-Feb-20 21:29:37

We went to Isola by train

SkiYetiMagic Sun 16-Feb-20 10:57:21

La Rosiere is a good option for families using Eurostar.

justmyview Mon 17-Feb-20 13:20:30

You can get to Kitzbuhel (Austria) by train

yy558 Mon 17-Feb-20 14:29:25

Les arcs. You get off the train and 5 min hop to the funicular to arc 1600 which is a clubmed resort now.

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