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Family ski pass for friends

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user1494670108 Wed 09-Jan-19 19:43:11

We're skiing in a group, can two (female) friends combine to make a family with three children and get a family ski pass?
I know that officially you should be a "family" but am wondering if I can do it online to take advantage of the better rates.
It's 3V, he's anyone done this?

cestlavielife Thu 10-Jan-19 21:24:20

Why not? If they ask just say you are a couple....but it's 2 adults plus children ..they won't ask for marriage certificate....

Onatreebyariver Thu 10-Jan-19 21:35:51

Don't see why not. It would be a brave person who dared to say they didn't believe they were a couple and insist on witnessing a snog to prove they were in a relationship ;)

I'd definitely book the family ticket.

OKhitmewithit Sat 12-Jan-19 22:04:38


massistar Sat 12-Jan-19 22:43:03

Friends of ours did just that in Paradiski. 2 single mums and 3 kids.

massistar Sat 12-Jan-19 22:43:39

Book online beforehand if you can!

user1494670108 Sun 13-Jan-19 09:05:31

Thanks @masistar that's exactly our plan so it's good to hear someone else did it

user1494670108 Fri 18-Jan-19 12:56:25

I've ordered them and at no point was I actually asked if we were a family so I haven't lied. I was concerned as I'm pretty sure that Morzine ask to see birth certificates to prove that all children in a family are actually birth but they've been posted so I cant see an issue this time. Thanks all for the replies

OKhitmewithit Fri 18-Jan-19 13:09:10

'm pretty sure that Morzine ask to see birth certificates Really? I honestly can't believe that's true. We did this in Tignes and no one cared. Adults and children in a group.

Just say you foster and you're a gay Mormon.

cestlavielife Fri 18-Jan-19 17:11:07

They might ask for proof of age But a family can be anything. It s about adults and children in a group.

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