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Vail at Easter. Anyone been?

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dontcallmethatyoucunt Thu 08-Dec-16 18:46:40

Just that really. I'm planning ahead, but I would really like to go. Is it any good at Easter?

citykat Fri 09-Dec-16 13:37:54

Very jealous. Not been at Easter but it was bone chillingly cold in January so I would expect the snow to last. Sorry not to be more helpful but it remains, even though I went years ago, one of my favourite ever ski places. Enjoy

dontcallmethatyoucunt Fri 09-Dec-16 22:28:11

What was so good city? Someone was raving about it, but I didn't get the specifics of why!

citykat Sun 11-Dec-16 16:03:14

Cutesy town- loads of timber clad western style buildings, tons of fairy lights everywhere. And then a really big well connected ski area that included 'back bowls'- areas with no signage, no pistes/piste bashers, the edges just marked with a ribbon wrapped round every 5 th or so tree. But with patrols within those ribboned areas. So off piste in a safe environment. Ideal for me as do worry about my insurance cover when properly off piste! Loads of trees ( aspens as well as firs). Pretty. Did not stay in Vail but went there while in the area to get a change of scene. American resorts are different to European ones- I am lucky to have tried 4 US resorts, all good but those Vail back bowls were fantastic for me. Sadly now with children confined to drivable from Calais resorts😗

TheSnorkMaidenReturns Sun 11-Dec-16 16:07:39

I went to Vail is freezing cold January years ago as well. Was fantastic but very expensive. Not tried any other North American resorts.

dontcallmethatyoucunt Sun 18-Dec-16 14:04:11

that sounds good city. I like the fact they are single diamonds too! I'm a bit chicken for the doubles after facing what I can only describe as a cliff.

I suppose it's how the snow holds up that concerns me. It's certainly high though.

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