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Best places/tour operators/childcare in La Plagne

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TopsysMum Thu 30-Apr-15 19:18:34

Okey dokey...

So we had a cracking holiday in Plagne 1800 this year and are keen to go back to the area. Our accommodation seems to have disappeared for next year so we're looking for somewhere else confused.

We quite fancy Plagne Centre or Belle a Plagne. We need childcare for DS3. We were more than happy with Crystal this year, but they only seem to offer Pelvoux Residences or the Terra Nova in Plagne Centre.

Pelvoux looks great location wise, but I'm concerned about night life noise. Terra Nova means we'd be split across two rooms and I don't really fancy sitting in a room on my own after 7pm with 2/3 children!

Consequently I think we're looking at apartments.

Has any tried a private nanny service? Too many things to think about...

Jen2104 Tue 11-Aug-15 11:14:43

Have you booked anywhere in La Plagne?

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