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Zermatt vs. Grindelwald

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fairyjay Mon 23-Oct-06 12:19:36

Thanks anteater. The reviews on Tripadvisor looked pretty good, but it's really helpful to 'talk' to someone who's been there!

Where is your thread Ghouls?

GhoulsToo Fri 20-Oct-06 23:43:03

hey anteater have you seen my Switz thread.

When (if, no WHEN) we book we will stay at the Alpenhof in Zermatt. I'm so glad Zermatt is getting good recommendations!


anteater Fri 20-Oct-06 23:40:50

Hi FairyJay
we stayed in the Alex last year and have booked again for next year.
Of the Zermatt 4* hotels it is by far the most interesting /least stuffy. The pool is great and the food is

They have tennis in the basement. Hotel location in Zermatt is always a compromise. Zermatt has 3 seperate ski areas which are partially linked (in one direction). The Alex is 3 or 4 mins from the access to one location (Slow but stunning mountain railway) 5 or 6 mins to the speedy underground train and 12 mins from the Klein Matterhorn cable car.

Our kids always meet ski school at the Klein and we take a taxi (£5) or the free bus. I love the Klein (proposed to Mrs A here 12 years ago) The tunnel into the glacier and the view from the top station (3899m) is amazing.

Robbie Williams and friends took over a large portion of the hotel last year, although fortunatly not when we were there!

My only suggestion, and this would depend on you, is to stay B&B and experience the mountain hut food, which is fantastic. Eating dinner at the Alex will not allow this, unless you are a skiing whale!

GhoulsToo Fri 20-Oct-06 15:05:01

hey you lot! haven't you seen MY Switzerland thread.

I did get some good responses but more would be helpful (sorry for hi-jack fairyjay!)

fairyjay Fri 20-Oct-06 14:58:55

Well - it's obviously Zermatt then! Thank you everyone.

Any experience on the Hotel Alex?

anteater Wed 18-Oct-06 00:09:13

We go to Zermatt most years. It has just about everything, including a British run ski school which must rank as one of the best in Europe! It does not have to be $$. Hassle free train journey from Geneva. Probably the best resort in the world!

elastamum Sun 15-Oct-06 21:22:06

Have done both and Zermatt is a lot more fun for both skiers and non skiers. We are taking our 2 there at easter. It is eyewateringly expensive so get catered unles you have pots of money

MrLSG Thu 12-Oct-06 22:30:57

If you've done Grindlewald, but not Zermatt: do Zermatt.

Some years ago I told a UK tour operator I'd work for them "one or two weeks, but only one trip". They phoned me back and offered a week in Grindlewald, and then a week in Zermatt: I took it.

Skiers needs to experience both. But a hint: don't take 18-year-old girls up Klein Matterhorm first thing in the morning, they may faint!!!

Zermatt is brilliant skiing. Just pick the area you are going to ski that day and do it. Skiing between the areas is possible, assuming you are fast and know where you are going.

aDadOnMumsnet Thu 12-Oct-06 14:11:55

Love 'em both. I'd probably suggest Zermatt for better skiing, more lively for the teens, and that bit bigger but still has Swiss charm.

fairyjay Thu 12-Oct-06 14:09:39

Going with friends, each of us have two teenagers. We've been to Grindelwald and enjoyed it on a number of occasions. we follow the safe option, or see what we're missing in Zermatt?

Any experiences gratefully received!

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