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Morzine vs Avoriaz

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Pecker20 Sun 09-Sep-12 18:36:42

BASS is the best ski school if you're going to Morzine. They are all fully qualified English instructors, and small classes (5 or 6) for both children and adults. They meet outside the Hotel Viking on the Pleney slope which also has a magic carpet. We loved it there and will probably go back next year. Our DS was 3.5 when he started skiing and wants to go back there again.

VivaLeBeaver Sat 08-Sep-12 19:20:45

Dd wants to ski it next year, she'll be 11! If she wants to do it with dh she can, she skied The Face in val d'isere when she was 9 no problem so I think she's good enough.

BranchingOut Sat 08-Sep-12 18:22:45

sad that someone died on the Swiss Wall.

I heard it was a very difficult slope and doubt that either my DH or I will ever get remotely good enough to even contemplate it, but to know that people actualy die on it is quite shocking.

VivaLeBeaver Fri 07-Sep-12 12:48:08

Dh skied the Swiss Wall, I bottled it. Someone had died on it earlier on in the day. Dh said if you fall the chances are you'll die it's that steep.

I like avoriaz better. However morzine has got a lovely beginners area at the top of the cable car towards Les Gets. Not sure what avoriaz is like for beginners but I learnt to snowboard in morzine.

OneMoreMum Fri 07-Sep-12 12:44:56

We went to Avoriaz for our first boarding holiday after learning the basics in the UK, was great and we're hoping to go back again this winter now we are more proficient.

Looking at the map I wouldn't assume that a total beginner could get from Ardent to the learner slope easily, the chair comes in above the Avoriaz learner slope so you would have to ski / board down from it to the meeting points, plus the way back at the end of the day involves some busy blue runs that are lovely once you've found your feet but terrifying for a total beginner.

Having said that the bottom of the learner slopes are right next to the entrance of Avoriaz where you offload your car if you are driving, so I would imagine that the bus will drop off there too, and if so that would be perfect.

Don't know much about Morzine other than it's a lot lower down, there was no snow on the ground when we drove through it compared to Avoriaz which was all white!

A Portes de Solieil ski pass should be valid at all of the surrounding resorts so other than lessons you will be free to go anywhere.

greygirl Thu 06-Sep-12 18:08:05

go for avoriaz and book the beginners in for classes in the UK before they go - will be much better all round.

massistar Wed 05-Sep-12 21:56:32

Ooh, my thread came alive again!!

I'm definitely erring towards Avoriaz. Flat bits are not good on a board wink

A few of our group have set their hearts on Morzine though as they are true beginners and have heard that it's hard to get to the area for the lessons once you get off the bubble at Ardent.

So still no decision made!!

BranchingOut Tue 04-Sep-12 20:48:50

expert skiers should look up ''The Swiss Wall'!

BranchingOut Tue 04-Sep-12 20:47:12

I am a beginner/intermediate and really enjoyed the skiing up on the Avoriaz side - fresh snowfall and lovely soft pistes.

it sounds as if it would be quite easy for you to get there via Ardent - easier than getting into Morzine then going up Pleney.

Morzine town is very enjoyable, though.

cartey Thu 30-Aug-12 11:32:21

Hi, we (myself and my dd 12yrs) are going to Morzine for the Xmas week, staying at a catered chalet for the first time. Could anyone please recommend a ski school I should use?
This is our second time skiing (went to Andorra last year), so is it worth getting the ski pass for the whole of the Portes du Soleil area or just a Morzine pass will do?

zoobaby Thu 30-Aug-12 10:25:37

We found that Morzine had quite a few bits of flat area, which we absolutely hated with a passion, whereas Avoriaz has plently of choices (trees or no trees, valley or high mountain, wide or narrow) to suit the tastes of people with varying confidence. Plus you can go down to an amazing bowl which leads off in several directions (including the Swiss side). Morzine is a nice little town and would probably be much more accessible for you at night.

Being on the bus route, maybe you could mix it up a bit? Not sure if the passes are inter-changeable though.

snowmummy Tue 26-Jun-12 12:49:08

If you're in Montriond, you may find it easier to get the bus to Ardent and then from there, there is a bubble lift that takes you up to the Lindaret area of Avoriaz which is where some of the ski schools are. The Lindaret area has some nice blues and reds and its easy to get to the nursery area from there. I'd always choose Avoriaz over Morzine. If the snow's good on the Pleney side (Morzine) then it'll be even better at Avoriaz because its higher. You could always mix it up and ride both areas. If you get the chance go over to Mont Chery which is on the other side of Les Gets.

Nevercan Sun 24-Jun-12 07:46:23

Personally I would go for Morzine as there is a great mix of slopes and easy to get back to the centre. Avoriaz is a bit higher I think so slopes may be a bit more open. Try to go to an ice hockey match in Morzine which is fun for all the family and tickets are pretty cheap grin

massistar Thu 21-Jun-12 12:52:44

Thought I might be too early to post this but looks like there are some other avid snowheads out there too ;-)

We're going to a chalet just outside Morzine in December (Montriond). Think the chalet is on the road between Morzine and Avoriaz and the skibus passes just outside to go to either.

What's the best area for a mixed group of skiiers/boarders with a wide range of abilities from complete beginners through to expert. We have a lot of kids with us who will be in lessons so we need to decide which to book the lessons for.

Any other hints and tips for this area would be greatly appreciated!

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