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tech - when is the busiest time on mumsnet?

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edgarcat Thu 15-May-03 12:35:42

Message withdrawn

Batters Thu 15-May-03 12:47:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mum2Toby Thu 15-May-03 12:48:04

Or all day.... for those of us who go to work but don't get anything done!

meanmum Thu 15-May-03 12:54:08

I definitely fall into the worktime category with M2T.

edgarcat Thu 15-May-03 13:09:53

Message withdrawn

edgarcat Thu 15-May-03 13:10:07

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Thu 15-May-03 13:11:12

I think he has a "proper job" to do as well

mears Thu 15-May-03 13:22:09

Is it now?

bunny2 Thu 15-May-03 13:41:14

Dont think so Mears. I am only waiting for kettle to boil then back to tidying up.

meanmum Thu 15-May-03 13:43:08

Could it be when we have a controversial thread maybe.

I think Tech's wise enough to stay away until he thinks we're all in bed and then posts a response.

chiggles Thu 15-May-03 14:20:15

Another one on now too

justiner Fri 16-May-03 10:07:05

Poor old Tech's being worked to death by his evil employers at his proper job, but would you believe it, I can (somewhat belatedly) answer this one?
Busiest hours are between 1-2pm closely followed by 9-10pm. Quietest hour - 5-6am (call yourselves early risers? ) There is a tea/ bath lull but maybe not so much as you'd think. Oh and our busiest day seems to be Tuesday for which I can't think of a good reason...

SueW Fri 16-May-03 10:13:17

Tuesday = busy cos everyone wants to catch up from the weekend but is too busy on Monday doing their real work?

Metrobaby Fri 16-May-03 10:36:30

I wonder who the busiest poster is ?

edgarcat Fri 16-May-03 11:08:34

Message withdrawn

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