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Next time a thread looks like it might be deleted .....

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rickman Sat 21-May-05 00:26:26

Message withdrawn

Evesmama Sat 21-May-05 00:26:41

Gomez Sat 21-May-05 00:26:43

Me too.

Chandra Sat 21-May-05 00:39:41

Please add me to the list . Which thread disapeared now?

jampots Sat 21-May-05 00:40:50

me too - i can trade some of the JF one if anyone's interested

Chandra Sat 21-May-05 00:42:02

JF? (checking meanwhile what I can trade for that one...)

wheresmyfroggy Sat 21-May-05 00:43:15

You don't know JF chandra? now that was real drama

suzywong Sat 21-May-05 00:44:45


Chandra Sat 21-May-05 00:49:11

I had the GF one but unless I'm a bit confused I might have lost JF

Gomez Sat 21-May-05 00:50:08

Judge Flounce??

jampots Sat 21-May-05 00:51:07

i will trade GF for JF Chandra

suzywong Sat 21-May-05 00:57:11

I don't have the GF one but I did post on it not knowing what it was about

Chandra Sat 21-May-05 01:01:32

Ahhh, Judge Flounce??? ahum... I have read that one.

Jampots, I don't have it anymore (though I did followed religiously her book with DS that thread really freaked me out) I still remember what was all about(until my last post before deletion) so if I can help, fire away the question

Suzywong... I told her to stop pretending being GF and to go away

jampots Sat 21-May-05 01:02:32

i was vaGinaFord and cant remember what I posted!

Chandra Sat 21-May-05 01:10:11

I remember what you did!

Chandra Sat 21-May-05 01:10:48

nah... but I though the name was great

rickman Sat 21-May-05 09:19:00

Message withdrawn

bubblerock Sat 21-May-05 09:32:02

I was reading a thread yesterday, got bumped by AOL when I got back on it had dissapeared!! Was not happy.

tigermoth Sat 21-May-05 09:55:04

lol rickman - I know the feeling!

rickman Sun 22-May-05 22:12:56

Message withdrawn

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