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combustiblelemon Mon 20-Oct-08 16:10:01


TheArmadillo Mon 20-Oct-08 16:11:59


JackieNoHeadJustABloodyStump Mon 20-Oct-08 16:12:21

OOh - how exciting grin.

JackieNoHeadJustABloodyStump Mon 20-Oct-08 16:12:41

Does sad work sad?

JackieNoHeadJustABloodyStump Mon 20-Oct-08 16:12:56

Hmm - not yet, it appears.

TheArmadillo Mon 20-Oct-08 16:13:11

is this emoticons?

why haven't I got witchy emoticons?

ilovetochat Mon 20-Oct-08 16:14:08


JackieNoHeadJustABloodyStump Mon 20-Oct-08 16:14:44

I have grin. All except sad, which isn't working yet sad. All I get is a little box.

fumf Mon 20-Oct-08 16:15:15

armadillo, I'm sorry, it's a gift some of us are just born with....<<wiggles nose>>> grin

TheArmadillo Mon 20-Oct-08 16:15:37

I can't even see your witchy emoticons. They look normal to me.

I am not impressed.

I am going to go sulk.


PsychoAxeMurdererMum Mon 20-Oct-08 16:15:38

tis sooooooooooooooo cool

littlelapin Mon 20-Oct-08 16:15:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littlelapin Mon 20-Oct-08 16:16:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheArmadillo Mon 20-Oct-08 16:16:24

woot that worked.

I love you ll


kormAaaarrrggghhhchameleon Mon 20-Oct-08 16:16:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ButterflyBessie Mon 20-Oct-08 16:16:58

so why doesn't sad work? sadhmm

SaTanicGore Mon 20-Oct-08 16:17:40

I didn't make a hat for sad as it was thought inappropriate.

littlelapin Mon 20-Oct-08 16:17:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ButterflyBessie Mon 20-Oct-08 16:18:38

I hit f5 on the mac and it works apart from sad which just ignores the [ ] and shows the word


TheArmadillo Mon 20-Oct-08 16:19:20

I think sad is usually left out of themed emoticons.

I agree with StG that it is inappropriate.

Don't we usually have to have normal ones as well for those that are bitter towards themed smileys?

MorticiaAnnSpookington Mon 20-Oct-08 16:19:24

does it work if you do[hgrin]

JackieNoHeadJustABloodyStump Mon 20-Oct-08 16:19:30

I have a little square for sad (see what you mean about it would be inappropriate - makes sense to leave it as is).

MorticiaAnnSpookington Mon 20-Oct-08 16:19:43

no,it doesn't sad

Flier Mon 20-Oct-08 16:20:25

grin wink cool!

kormAaaarrrggghhhchameleon Mon 20-Oct-08 16:24:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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