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Has anyone else's thread titles stopped going read when you've looked at them, or is it just me?

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fryalot Sat 25-Aug-07 11:09:21

erm... that's it really, when I look at a thread normally it goes red so I can see I've looked at it and all the unread ones stay blue.

Today, they are all blue, even ones I've looked at, posted on, etc.

Is this a mumsnet thing or my computer?

If it is a mumsnet thing, is it set to continue? because I don't like it

whinge over.

fryalot Sat 25-Aug-07 11:10:00

Aaaarrrgghhhh!!!! I put "read" in the thread title instead of "RED"


Easywriter Sat 25-Aug-07 11:11:20

Mine has too squonk

Carmenere Sat 25-Aug-07 11:11:22

Me too, must be a mn hq thing

SlightlyMadStar Sat 25-Aug-07 11:12:13

The threads I have looked at in this session are still red (well purplish actually).

I don't think hte threads I looked at the other night are red though.

It is normally a cookies thing I think.

fryalot Sat 25-Aug-07 11:12:17

okey doke, thanks

I can forget about getting dp to come home from his weekend away to take the puter apart grin

JackieNo Sat 25-Aug-07 11:12:33

Mine are variable today - sometimes they go red, sometimes they don't. I also had a thing where when I tried to get into MN, it said it was 'unavailable' for a few minutes. That might just have been my machine playing up though.

NormaStanleyFletcher Sat 25-Aug-07 11:12:47


SlightlyMadStar Sat 25-Aug-07 11:13:19

Hang on - I may be wrong. I think that if you look at a page and don't post it stays red, but when you have posted it is technically a new page so it is not red anymore.

fryalot Sat 25-Aug-07 11:14:54

thanks for that, norma

<<<goes to look up URL in the dictionary>>>

So... if you look at it from now on it goes red, but as soon as someone posts, it goes back to blue again?

I don't like that, I like to know what I've looked at.

I'm going to tell tech that on the thread in your link.

JackieNo Sat 25-Aug-07 11:15:39

Ah - thank you NormaSTanleyFletcher. Bit weird that they go blue again when someone else posts on the thread. Makes it difficult to spot the threads you've looked at.

SlightlyMadStar Sat 25-Aug-07 11:18:27

But I assume that when someone else has posted it has a new URL (or www.blah blah blah thingy for Squonk grin)(from what tech is saying).

If it has a new URL it is a new page and won't be detected by tyhe cookie thinvgys which track were you have and havn't been on the web.

Basically your computer thinks you havn't been there cos it is a whole new page...

JackieNo Sat 25-Aug-07 11:22:26

I can see the technical reasons, but there are good usability reasons for changing the colour of links you've visited.

SlightlyMadStar Sat 25-Aug-07 11:24:36

I have a good memory [preen] so can remember which titles I have looked sending them back to blue helps me to know if someone else has posted and therefore I should look again to see what has been said.

Tech (MNHQ) Sat 25-Aug-07 11:32:47

Hi Sorry, that was a mistake/accident. They should go stay red now even after someone's posted. We indicate the presence of a new post by the thread moving up the lists in active convos and the thread lists in the topics (though you can switch that to alphabetical if you like of course).

Sorry about that.

Tech (MNHQ) Sat 25-Aug-07 11:33:43

The downside of course it that they'll all have just gone blue again - as their URL changed (ducks).

fryalot Sat 25-Aug-07 11:35:23

but they will be back to normal from now on?

<<<breathes a sigh of relief>>>


thank you tech

<<<goes to find the BIGGEST box of cyber-chocolates for tech>>>

Tech (MNHQ) Sat 25-Aug-07 11:36:22

Yes, that's right.

fryalot Sat 25-Aug-07 11:39:44

for tech

JackieNo Sat 25-Aug-07 11:40:57

Fab - thanks Techgrin.

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