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Gina Ford

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JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 09-May-07 09:24:45

Dear all,

We're pleased to say we have finally reached a settlement with Gina Ford (see here ). Just so you know, we are not at liberty to discuss the terms of settlement further so we won't be able to respond to any questions about that. We are confident, though, that we can all now draw a line under the affair and can move on.

We will continue to lobby hard for a review of the libel laws in this country with regard to websites, as we believe they haven't caught up with the way folks communicate on the net. We'll keep you posted on that.

Thank you everyone for your fabulous support in what's been an anxious time for us at MN Towers.


JayneF Thu 21-Aug-08 21:30:54

Did I miss something? I just wanted practical advice on anyone doing GF Potty Training in a Week....will I be excommunicated?

Rochwen Sat 23-Jun-07 23:23:42

I'm glad this is all over now.

Well done, everyone.

Oblomov Tue 05-Jun-07 13:39:28

So glad this is over.
Have the posters who were on the so called 'offending thread' been contacted by Mumsnett Towers, just to ask them to be careful in the future? I think we can all get carried away with our comments. I am not suggesting that this 'ordeal' has been good for Mumsnett, in any way, but we don't want to get ourselves in this kind of situation again, do we ?

SherlockLGJ Mon 14-May-07 11:17:00

I was in Dublin for a funeral and missed this. Jolly Well done.

whomovedmychocolate Fri 11-May-07 15:41:48

So she's gone from SWMNBN to SWMNBM (she who must not be maligned)

Highlander Fri 11-May-07 15:12:23

are we allowed to say what we like about her? Ooh, the gleefull anticipation

Manictigger Fri 11-May-07 11:08:30

Oooh manictreecreature, I love your name. I briefly considered manicpeashooter but wasn't sure if I'd remember to spell it correctly every time (didn't know about saving details in those days) Are you a fan? Do you like the new album?

sorry everybody for hijack *runs back to aibu topic*

prettybird Fri 11-May-07 10:50:58

Feature in today's Herald about Mumsnet and Gina Ford "Baby steps: the great parenting debate that’s dividing the nation"

peacemama Fri 11-May-07 04:04:22

I love mumsnet - thank you and well done! This gives me warm fuzzys...

skinnymawhinny Fri 11-May-07 00:01:00

Congrats from BMC too

Soo glad for you that's it's all over, and best of luck for the legal challengey lobbying thing

Califrau Thu 10-May-07 23:21:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsSpoon Thu 10-May-07 23:14:46

Glad that this is finally sorted out!

I am still all for the ban.

DarrellRivers Thu 10-May-07 23:08:01

mumsnet is deff brill

Bibis Thu 10-May-07 23:06:39

What a shame that the comments on the Daily Telegraph article from mumsnetters are so basic and the comments from the pro contented babyers are so articulate, it doesn't enhance Mumsnet's reputation at all to have comments like this or not so much the comments as the poster's name

"Mumsnet is THE best for parenting advice - if you need help raising your children, who better to ask than thousands of other mums who've actually been there?
Posted by Gina Volvo on May 10, 2007 6:53 PM"

or this

"Musmnet is keeping me sane!

Posted by Gina Vauxhall on May 10, 2007 12:39 PM"

telegraph link

CorrieDale Thu 10-May-07 20:34:45

Great news. It's a bugger about the costs though. And about the lifting of the ban in a way! All that non-publicity....

imaginaryfriend Thu 10-May-07 20:32:48

Fantastic, what a relief!

WideWebWitch Thu 10-May-07 20:28:42

I like your quote in the Guardian Justine, perfect.

And I LIKE the look of the Silverjet ads on that page too, wow, I want a private jet!

marthamoo Thu 10-May-07 20:26:23

Glad it's over - it must be a relief.

As for me, personally - didn't want to talk about her before; don't want to talk about her now. Until MN she barely blipped on my parenting radar...I have views about her now of course, but, as I said, I do not wish to talk about them

WideWebWitch Thu 10-May-07 20:23:29

How very reasonable!

DrDaddy Thu 10-May-07 20:20:56

Who's Gina Ford?

WideWebWitch Thu 10-May-07 20:20:09


Hellcats Thu 10-May-07 19:13:48

I am glad it is finally sorted and we can face the future without this hanging over the board. We all have better things to talk about, haven't we!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Judy1234 Thu 10-May-07 17:48:40

The general point is don't as posters ever libel anyone or you might get sued, never mind the bulletin board. In theory if MN were held liable they could have gone against those posters who posted the "libels" to recover the damages from them and those posters might have lost their homes etc.

Twiglett Thu 10-May-07 17:45:49

I am pleased this is finally settled to everyone's satisfaction

Although I actually have no intention of ever discussing Gina Ford's methods again because I think we've all grown beyond that and it was actually rather lovely not having to talk about methods which we may not be aligned with morally, ethically or developmentally

Judy1234 Thu 10-May-07 17:40:21

It would have been helpful to me to have some sort of precedent of whether a bulletin board where you don't check postings in advance is liable for content which is removed quickly once they are told it's illegal. But it is very wise that no one decided to throw over £1m a lawyers to get the law clarified.

Also everyone who posts should know that if they do libel anyone they always risk being personally liable even though you're posting under a user name.

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