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Can't log in on laptop

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LemonadeWithACherry Mon 10-Apr-17 15:31:03

The other day I cleared the history and cookies on my laptop and since then haven't been able to log in. When I enter my password etc the button to log in doesn't turn into a finger iykwim so no way of logging in.

I have restarted my laptop and checked cookies aren't blocked to no avail. Any advice please? TIA

AndNowItIsSeven Mon 10-Apr-17 15:32:44

This is my third account I have set up as my phone did the same thing.

FlissMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 10-Apr-17 15:57:56

Hi There LemonadeWithACherry, would you let us know which device & browser you're using and if possible post a screenshot of the login page when you try to log in. We're unsure what the finger icon is so a screenshot would be really helpful.

FlissMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 10-Apr-17 16:07:06

AndNowItIsSeven, please let us know the same details for you and we'll take a look smile

LemonadeWithACherry Mon 10-Apr-17 19:16:52

I've done it now! When you fill in your details the 'log in' button didn't do anything- my cursor changes to a pointing finger when it's on a clicky link - but I got past by just hitting enter on the keyboard. smile

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