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JaneJeffer Wed 01-Feb-17 10:50:43

The only way I can log in is by clicking threads I'm on and waiting to be told I'm not logged in. The normal log in hasn't been working properly for ages.

Site speed is much better now though smile

LornaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 01-Feb-17 15:49:14

Hi there, OP

We're really sorry about this, it sounds like a bit of a nuisance!

Would you mind emailing us at

When you email in, could you answer the questions below give our tech team a clearer picture of what's going on?

1) Can you let us know which device you're using (mobile, pc, Mac, laptop, iPad etc)?
2) If you're using a mobile, which one is it (Samsung, Blackberry, iPhone etc) ?
3) What browser are you using (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google, Chrome etc)?
4) Are you accessing Mumsnet via the main site, the mobile site or the app?

JaneJeffer Wed 01-Feb-17 15:54:13

Ok thanks Lorna

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