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I am now watching 250 threads

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Maryz Wed 30-Dec-15 17:54:35

because of the automatic watching of threads I'm on. I only want to watch about ten of them.

I don't get why the default can't be to not watch - I want my button unticked, but I'm afraid to go into customise in case I lose Classic and gain pages.

Can anyone guarantee to me that if I go in and change the tickbox nothing at all will change with the rest of my customise - my colours, my lack of dangly bits and moving buttons and social media links, my beloved Classic and everything else I've carefully honed over the years.

Or could Tech change it for me. Pretty please <bats eyelashes>

It's such a waste of time having such a mahoosive list of TIW.

Maryz Wed 30-Dec-15 17:56:13

And I've just realised that the threads I actually wanted to watch are gone.

They were very very old ones I've kept for ages, but because they are old they've been bumped by new ones - including this one - that I don't have to watch because I'm on them [sob]

SwedishEdith Wed 30-Dec-15 18:00:05

Agree about the complete waste of time it is now to find any thread you were actually just watching.

OvO Wed 30-Dec-15 18:06:58

There's a box you uncheck under customise to stop this happening.

Maryz Wed 30-Dec-15 18:34:46

I'm afraid to go into customise, OvO. It seems that if you change anything there atm you lose some of your settings, so I haven't been in since Jeffrey.

I try to remember to untick the "watch this thread" box, but keep forgetting.

yy Edith. I was watching some very interesting troll threads but now I can't find them.

cozietoesie Wed 30-Dec-15 20:44:06

I think the time may have come for you, Maryz.

It doesn't hurt for very long. (Assuming you get the full Customise and not the dreadful truncated version that some people were being lumbered with immediately after Jeffreygate.)

Maryz Wed 30-Dec-15 21:17:05

See that's what bothers me.

I saw someone say they ended up with 100 posts per page and the fecking awful FB/Twitter buttons, as well as the floaty bar thing. I'd have to leave if that happened.

I'm afeared [wibble]

cozietoesie Wed 30-Dec-15 21:23:20

Maybe query that one with MNHQ? I fear that I think the days of Classic are numbered (in single digits at that) but HQ simply refused to comment on the Customise issue. At any rate, I was starting to post like a broken record on the topic and no response was forthcoming. sad

Bakeoffcake Wed 30-Dec-15 21:29:05

I'm the same Maryz, I don't want to change anything incase it changed everything.

Why are MNHQ trying to get rid of Classics Cozie?

cozietoesie Wed 30-Dec-15 21:41:57

I would 'guess' that they want to have one single style because the previous 4 (four!) must have been a nightmare to maintain. Tech must have been pie-eyed at times trying to keep it going. Jeffreygate might also have impacted but I have no info on that if so.

Sadly, I think they're still taking too piecemeal a view of things - Pax to some massive review going on about which we know nothing. They should be looking 2-3 years down the line at the desired shape of the site then, and consulting now with users and funders. They seem, however, to be dealing with discrete smaller topics in preference. Hey Ho.

Maryz Wed 30-Dec-15 21:53:00

I could actually cope with them putting their feet down and getting rid of Classic. I really could <slugs wine>

But I really couldn't cope with FB and Twitter buttons. My kids use the same computer/laptop as I do, and the thought of me accidentally linking some thread to one of their FB accounts is a tad scary grin

And I also can't cope with pages. I skim read a lot of threads, and you can't do that with pages. In fact, the main reason I don't use, for example, Digital Spy or is that between the restricted page length and all the quoting I never get to read a whole thread.

I think I might just forget about watching threads completely and let all my vital troll evidence vanish into the ether

Maryz Wed 30-Dec-15 21:55:28


I can understand getting rid of Classic.

The only reason I can think of for compulsory pages is if you make everyone have 50 posts per page, then a 500 post thread is ten clicks instead of one, which keeps the advertisers happy [cynical]

And as for the floating menu thingy and the dangly bit and the social media buttons - does anyone want them? I bet the only people who have them are newbies who haven't worked out how to hide them.

Maryz Wed 30-Dec-15 21:56:00

And I love the customised colours.

They were a real plus for the site, something not available anywhere else that I know of.

OvO Wed 30-Dec-15 22:26:23

You uncheck a box to get rid of the FB buttons and all the other annoying gubbins. And no need for pages or owt like that.

Stop your moaning and go look. wink

OvO Wed 30-Dec-15 22:29:55

See, it's fiiiine. <soothing noises>

It all works and you can have it just how you like it.

Look at all those lovely drop down menus.

Maryz Wed 30-Dec-15 22:32:49

So you still have lovely colours and no pages?

Are you sure?


You aren't on Classic are you? I wonder how many of us are hanging on -and would they pay me to move if I'm the last woman standing

OvO Wed 30-Dec-15 22:35:26

I'm not on classic - I moved with the times years ago . grin

I have pretty colours, and all on one page and no stupid bar thingy or social media buttons.

I think the FB button should be a trap. You click it you get BANNED.

UnGoogleable Wed 30-Dec-15 22:41:38

You can get rid of the social media buttons? Who knew?
I too live in fear of accidentally clicking on the FB button and revealing my MN addiction to the world (no idea if it really works like that).

I'm going into customise now, I'll report back.....

Maryz Wed 30-Dec-15 22:45:11

See, see ^

All the poor newbies who think you have to have pages, don't know that you can customise the colours, have to put up with floating menu bars and fb buttons and everything else.

Why have them? Is there a single poster who doesn't want their posts a different colour? Or who actively wants a shitty bar to follow them around the page? Or who wants to watch every single thread they are on?

If they want to simplify it, they could do so. Just get rid of the shite [even more grumpy]

UnGoogleable Wed 30-Dec-15 22:55:00

Right, I'm back.

First thing to report is I'm not a newbie grin old as the hills me. <Unnecessarily defensive>

Second important thing to report is that when I clicked on Customise, it logged me out and I had to log back in (which meant having to remember my sodding password, arses)

Thirdly - turns out I'd already opted to hide the social media. But the floating bar thing comes up anyway. I hadn't realised you can just close that. I've closed it now.

I've unticked the 'watch threads I post on' thing because it annoys me too. It meant I'd stopped using the 'Threads I'm Watching' function as it had become overwhelmed.

Finally, once changed, all my other settings have stayed the same. OPs posts are still forest green and I'm still my lovely pinky purple.

Maryz Wed 30-Dec-15 23:02:22

Sorry, I thought I recognised your name grin

You must have missed the mahoosive row about the FB button when it first appeared and was unhideable.

How many posts do you have per page?

[still suspicious]

UnGoogleable Wed 30-Dec-15 23:09:12

Sorry, I thought I recognised your name It's fine, I'm a frequent NCer due to paranoia grin have yet to stick with a name longer than a few months!

I did have mine set to 50 post per page - I kind of like having it in pages, because it means that if a thread is long, you can just click on the last page to get to the end, rather than scrolling allllll the way down to the end.

However, given that so many of you are such proponents of the 'no page' thing, I've decided to give it a whirl....

Maryz Wed 30-Dec-15 23:14:29

If it's a slow thread and you've been on it before, then pages are fine.

It's just if you come late, and there are already 150 posts, it's better to just scroll down and read the op's posts and work out whether the thread has moved on (or gone completely off topic).

I think most of the posters I want to yell RTFT at have pages - they reply to the op, not knowing that the op has dripped all over the place added information, or that everyone is now talking about spinach or something.

No pages reduces the likelihood of making a complete twat of yourself grin

ceeveebee Wed 30-Dec-15 23:19:54

I unchecked the "watch threads I'm on" button and I still have choice of colours and 1000 posts per page?

UnGoogleable Wed 30-Dec-15 23:21:01

But I find pages make it easier to do that.

I open a thread. If it has more than 1 page, I click on 'Final page' or whatever it's called, skim the OPs posts or get the jist of where the thread has gone, and figure it out from there.

So it's 2 clicks. Whereas with no pages, it's a click, then aaaaaaaages scrolling on my shit laptop. Although I appreciate doing it that way means you can quickly skim read the OPs posts... Hmm maybe I'm coming round to your way of thinking.

I tell you what I would like to see. When you go on TIO and it shows the 5 latest posts on each thread. It would be great if the OPs posts could be highlighted somehow on there. Because I never remember the name of an OP, and can't be bothered going back on a thread if the OP has disappeared. I may have to start a new thread to ask for this.

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