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A helpful definition of not troll hunting

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HoneyDragon Sat 13-Jun-15 10:20:45

When the op states they are opening a second account (not name change, and actual account) because they are openly admitting that they are posting offensive, inflammatory and dubious statements that serve no actual merit for debate than this is by Mnets own guide lines trolling.

So when posters go. "Hang on op, that's against the rules which you should know if you are a poster. What you're doing is troll hunting op, which is not cricket". Is stating the fucking obvious.

It is not troll hunting. Not even a little bit.

Troll hunting ....can cause distress and bunfightiness

Stating the obvious is usually a victimless crime.

So putting troll hunting as a reason to delete a thread that was by a troll that admitted trollery in the opening post is daft. And is why posters, imo, give up reporting as it feels a bit futile. thanks

HoneyDragon Sat 13-Jun-15 10:21:58


that should be "what you're doing is trolling, op"

OTheHugeManatee Sat 13-Jun-15 10:22:15

Thread about a thread?

HoneyDragon Sat 13-Jun-15 10:23:55

Couple of threads. And the responses on deletion.

But as its in site stuff and the threads are on the site I figured it was safe to moan at MNHQ grin

IonaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 13-Jun-15 13:56:39

Hi there HoneyDragon. Sorry for any confusion.

We didn't feel the OP was trolling exactly, but as we don't allow people to start new accounts, we felt we needed to close that one regardless of her intentions, which we admit didn't seem that great!

There were, however, a number of posts on the thread along the lines of 'don't feed it', 'half term already' etc, which we felt were troll-hunting, and because that's also against our rules, we felt it was just another reason to delete really. We just wanted to give everyone as much info as possible on our decision as they'd taken the time to report.

As always, regardless of what's going on on a thread, we ask everyone to report rather than call troll on the boards. It's just a quicker and more effective way of sorting it out. When it's blatantly a troll, it only plays into their hands, and when it isn't, at best it gets us nowhere and at worst, someone genuine is upset by it.

And it's always safe to moan at us - it makes us feel alive! wink

HoneyDragon Sat 13-Jun-15 15:56:22

But it was blatantly trolling.

Hence the comments.

The op said they'd opened a new account to basically post a load of mysoginistic cod wash.

I understand the policy on troll hunting.

I think it's wrong to say you deleted the thread for troll hunting.

It's not like any one hunted. It was waving it's hairy knuckles and shouting "cooeeee".

It has been discussed before and when you guys make out troll hunting is a worse offense than open trolling, it's very derogatory toward all the users who make the effort to report the bloody thread for you. sad

HoneyDragon Sat 13-Jun-15 15:59:47

I did you a handy guide last time this came up


BerylStreep Sat 13-Jun-15 16:19:45

There was a thread about 6 months ago which I reported as suspect trollery. MN did nothing, the thread filled up to 1000 posts, with loads of people getting quite involved in the issue. It was only until the thread was onto its continuation thread, and about 48 hours later that MN deleted the thread as being started by a troll.

I must say I found it pretty frustrating to be sitting on my hands, saying nothing, especially given it took MN so long to decide.

Maryz Sat 13-Jun-15 16:42:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HoneyDragon Sat 13-Jun-15 18:12:18

I post so little now, mainly because I found I'd rather go somewhere else than report and feel like part of the problem than helping the soloution.

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