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Calling Leander

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rachelf Wed 07-Apr-04 14:57:11

Hi Leander

I have tried to reach you twice by email but haven't heard back, so am concerned we may have the wrong email address for you. You were one of our winners of the mumsnet/Legoland comp - which means you have won a family ticket to Legoland worth £90. We're keen to get your prize sent out to you - could prove to be especially useful with Easter hols etc. Could you send over your contact details to me at

Cheers, Rachel

Codswallop Wed 07-Apr-04 14:58:06

Cna i be runner up?

Welshmum Wed 07-Apr-04 15:13:45

I might be wrong but isn't Leander American?

Welshmum Wed 07-Apr-04 15:13:58

Not that it means she can't go to Legoland

leander Fri 16-Apr-04 12:56:28

Hi I am still here,I have had to change my email address so i will email the right one to you.
By the way ,Welshmum I live in the northwest so no you cant have my tickets

rachelf Fri 16-Apr-04 21:53:29

Hi Leander, got your email today (hurrah!) we were worried about you - thought no one would want to give up their rights to a free day out at legoland! Anyway, I've mailed you back asking you to send us your postal address - did you get my mail? We'll organise for your tickets to be sent out. Have a great day now!

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