Sex on period : should I?

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MichelleAuberge Thu 01-Oct-20 20:00:13

Seeing newish bloke fortnightly. Period coming to an end. We are so horny for each other, it's crazy. But I'm a bit mortified in case it doesn't end by the time I see him. Should I cancel?

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Paul72 Thu 01-Oct-20 20:56:52

I was married for 25 years, we never had sex while my wife was on her period. A year after we split up I met someone else, she encouraged me to have sex while she was having her period. It was fine. It was more than fine it was a new and fantastic experience, nothing not to like about it. We did put a load of towels on my bed to stop the mattress getting ruined.

NotaWickedStepMum55 Thu 01-Oct-20 21:28:50

Just tell him, and ask him how he feels about it. And if he's up for it, as the previous poster said, just put towels down. Its just another bodily fluid after all.

MichelleAuberge Thu 01-Oct-20 21:54:56

Thanks @Paul72 @NotaWickedStepMum55 I'm sure he'll be ok but it's more me thinking it's so offputting. Our relationship is very sexually charged. I just wondered whether men get put off.

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saleorbouy Thu 01-Oct-20 23:39:32

Maybe let him know before you get too worked up for each other. For me it has never put me off having sex. As long as you are both comfortable who cares, enjoy yourselves.

Palavah Fri 02-Oct-20 01:22:03

Some men get put off. Some really don't care. If you're concerned, let him know that there's a possibility you might still be on your period, but you'd be up for playing it by ear/like to see him anyway for/ whatever you want to say

AverageGuy Fri 02-Oct-20 09:34:47

For me, it's not an issue. As long as the woman is happy and comfortable with the idea, I'd go for it.

Agree on putting something down, and I prefer to wear condoms if my partner is having a period, but that's just me.


StarlightLady Fri 02-Oct-20 12:22:46

There is a positive here, you need to communicate from early on. Some couples never do communicate. So discuss it with him.

But remember it’s not only about him. How do you feel about period sex? It never stopped me when l was younger, but these days, with periods heavier, it’s now only at the tail end.

zarek Fri 02-Oct-20 19:46:41

Don't cancel, see how it goes. If it's still an issue tell him at the time. Guys know about periods so it's not really an issue. If he's not up for it do something else

B1rdflyinghigh Fri 02-Oct-20 21:31:10

I got the cap. It works really well on the last few days of a period. It catches the blood and I've never had the fb mention that he can feel it. Though he probably doesn't care!

TooManyDicksOnTheDancefloor Fri 02-Oct-20 22:51:17

Try soft tampons, game changer!

UserABCDE12345 Sat 03-Oct-20 23:18:17

Ask him if he minds, don't assume he won't based on a few men on here. My DP really doesn't like it so it's always been an absolute no go at that time, even if I'm spotting.

Leylafrenchie Sun 04-Oct-20 22:19:00

Iv found its 50/50 with men.
Some men don’t care at all and others it’s a complete no.
Ask him how he feels.

j712adrian Sun 04-Oct-20 22:21:47

Used to do it with Ex-W. Lovely, made us feel very close.

PinotPony Mon 05-Oct-20 10:26:05

Menstrual sponges or ziggy cup. Or just ask him if he minds...

Cumbriangal Tue 13-Oct-20 19:17:11

If He's not sure about it you could always offer to relieve him in other ways, Hands Boobs etc
My DH never objects and he makes it up to me the following week

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