Sex after birth

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Franny0696 Thu 24-Sep-20 16:09:54

I'm 3 weeks postpartum and very very in the mood to have sex with my husband.
I had a 1st degree tear - had stitches which I think they have gone now as not tender nor uncomfortable down there. My bleeding at almost gone and I feel great. I want to wait till the back end of next week (4weeks pp) but use a condom, I'm worried about down below but I'm sure waiting an extra week won't make a huge difference as they say wait 6 weeks... any tips or advice?

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GalaxyGirl24 Thu 24-Sep-20 17:50:55

No tips or advice but posting to bump this thread as I'm in the exact same situation minus the tear. X

Rocaille Thu 24-Sep-20 22:33:59

Probably a good idea to wait until at least 4 weeks. Can he go down on you in the meantime?

LasagneQueen Sun 27-Sep-20 09:50:01

I waited just shy of 6 weeks after EMCS and it was okay but still a bit weird and uncomfortable

If you've had stitches tbh I'd wait for the 6 weeks, but like Rocaille says ask him to indulge you in other ways in the meantime!

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