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isobel79 Tue 18-Jul-17 16:15:02

Day off work today. So very horny and partner is sitting here watching Netflixhmmhmmconfused

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Wolfiefan Tue 18-Jul-17 16:16:41

Pause it and talk to partner. We can't help! confused

wherearemymarbles Tue 18-Jul-17 16:57:43

Does he know you are so very horny??

Unfortunately mother nature didnt give us the courtesy of knowing subconsciously when our partners are in heat smile

PollytheDolly Tue 18-Jul-17 17:04:58

Suggest you be telling him then!

Porkswordcallingdannyboy Tue 18-Jul-17 17:59:40

Press pause. Pull pants to one side. Jump on said partner.

TheNaze73 Wed 19-Jul-17 10:24:34

Don't talk,can't think of a bigger turn off! I think it's very easy to get a man to have sex if you're horny. I'm sure you know the score grin

Good luck

MineKraftCheese Wed 19-Jul-17 10:32:49

Go for a shower and come back starkers wink


NotAnotherNoughtiesTune Thu 20-Jul-17 11:42:54

Tell him you had something else in mind when you said you wanted to Netflix & chill.

PhilTheSahd Thu 20-Jul-17 23:44:15

I assume this is a bit late but maybe this will help next time: most guys don't mind when their partner makes the first move, or if their partner let's them know in really unsubtle ways. I've known my DW to stand next to the TV and start stripping lol - I'd have to be incredibly oblivious to not get that hint!

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