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Yr 8 Talking about having a mental breakdown!

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tuckermum Thu 16-Jul-09 16:23:16

Am beside myself so hoping for some practical advise..

J is in Yr 8 at local comp and to date am very pleased, particularly the pastoral care from his tutor. J is mildly autistic and very bright, but has struggled with peer relationships. Does seem to have a few good friends (or so I thought). Has mentioned teasing before and seems to have handled it fine, but today my blood ran cold when he said that the teasing has got to the stage that he thinks he is going to have a 'mental breakdown' and just can't cope anymore. Has now locked himself in his room. Says he has spoken to the teacher and he needs to learn to stand up for himself, but how far should I let this go??

SillyShrimp Thu 16-Jul-09 17:12:03

If it was any other time in the year, I would say that you should definitely talk to the school about it. As it is, being the end of term, it's difficult, because half of me thinks that he should enjoy the summer holidays and see how it is when he gets back, but the other half says that you should make sure you speak to someone before he breaks up so that you can get a plan of action in place (he might be worrying for the whole of the holidays if not). . .How serious do you think this really is? Is it teenage angst, or does he really mean it?

juuule Thu 16-Jul-09 17:19:13

I think you should try to speak to someone in the school now and if that's not possible arrange an appointment for as soon as they go back. As sillyshrimp says you need to get a plan of action in place.
If he feels that he can't cope anymore then the teacher saying that he needs to learn to stand up for himself isn't very helpful.
Make an appointment to see the tutor or person who deals with pastoral care.

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