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Bad behaviour in school and out of school

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Alfie66 Wed 17-Jun-09 17:47:43

Sorry if I've put this in the wrong section.
My son is 12 going on 40 and has had trouble with school since year 2, but this school year has been the worse. He is now doing a managed move to another school, hes been there for 3 weeks. The move is done over 10 weeks so at the end the school decide if they are going to except him full time or not. He is also in trouble out of school having been put on a referral order from court. He has intervention from different agencies but no one seems interested in the effect all this is having on my other children and me I've already lost my job over this.
Just wondered if anyone out there has any suggestions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3littlefrogs Wed 17-Jun-09 18:03:54

Have you asked about a place in a state boarding school? They do exist, and it might be the solution. Does he have a designated social worker or other key worker?

choochoochaboogie Fri 19-Jun-09 16:39:31

Re referral order, don't you have meetings with him and YOT? Ask their advice, they have a lot of resources available. Certainly agree that you should also talk to your designated school/social workers and any other agency involved.

You have to ASK for help - they might not think of offering it or they might not realise you need it. Please ask.

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