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Aaargh! One week of Term left & DS's Bus Pass "Disappears" from the Valuable Tray!

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Milliways Thu 10-Jul-08 17:00:03

DS gets 2 buses each way to school, so needs a bus pass as the most cost effective method (almost £100 per 3 month ticket).

When they have PE they have to place valuable in a tray, which is often unattended, but at the end of the sesion they all dive in & grab stuff back. Hence DS never takes his ipod on PE days, and alsoi never puts his phone in as who knows who could take it out. Honestly, he says DS Lites, PSPs, Ipods etc all left there!

Today, no bus passes left, so not as if someone has taken the wrong one (but maybe has 2 stuck together by mistake?)

Teacher asked boys to check - but most had left the area by then. DS had to go to reception to borrow money for journey home.

Receptionist: "Oh, not the PE Valuables tray again!"

I now have to find £2 a day until we sort this out, a new card costs £5 and there was only 10 days left on the ticket anyway.


frogs Thu 10-Jul-08 17:05:25

DD1 lost her purse a couple of weeks ago (left on the bus), so sympathies. A kind person sent it back to her school in the post a few days later (it had her school library card in too).

In London buses are free for kids, so we wouldn't have had to pay extra fares, but would have had the hassle and cost of replacing her travelcard. So don't give up hope yet, it might turn up.

Does sound a daft system, though -- can't they just leave bus passes in their blazer pockets?

Milliways Thu 10-Jul-08 17:12:36

You would think so, but if it got nicked from pocket there is no comeback. I think we could claim from school if we pushed it (but not much point so near to end of term).

Hoping it will turn up tomorrow....

LazyLinePainterJane Thu 10-Jul-08 17:17:52

Well would be asking the school to stump up for the remaining weeks travel if I couldn't really afford to replace it. It was in their custody after all.

Milliways Thu 10-Jul-08 17:59:54

I would like to on principal, but the aggro???

Just annoyed at faffing about to find change and having to make a special trip into town to replace the ID card bit!

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