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Red Balloon for high functioning ASD girls

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chummymummy7 Mon 16-Nov-20 17:43:35

Hi - does anybody in the group have experience with an Aspie/ASD girl at the Red Balloon, particularly the Harrow centre?

DD has been home ed for last 3 years and mental health has improved massively after some pretty awful school refusal/anxiety. We're tentatively looking into secondary settings (with an EHCP). Local state comps have said they can't meet needs - Red Balloon and a handful of private secondaries are also offering to support if we can get funding from our LA. DD is pretty sure she doesn't want a specialist school.

We're going back to Red Balloon for a 2nd visit after lockdown. We thought it felt warm, slightly chaotic, humble, flexible, therapeutic and 'real' compared to the glossy, manicured facilities of the private schools.

Would love to hear any of your experiences - especially of spectrum girls - at Red Balloon

Thanks very much x

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Goldistheanswer Tue 17-Nov-20 19:08:54

I know from friends that their dd enjoyed her time at red balloon, not the Harrow one though, and loved the way everyone’s individual qualities were embraced. The downside was that their daughter found some of the other students quite intimidating and environments became overwhelming. Their dd is very anxious and trusting, some students were protective of that whilst others took advantage of it. Staff were very supportive and the small, family like environment was so much kinder to her than mainstream school.

chummymummy7 Wed 18-Nov-20 17:30:45

@Goldistheanswer thanks so much for responding. That's what I would have hoped and expected to hear. I think you'll get that mix of kids who will either support or take advantage of a vulnerable/trusting child anywhere - but at least at Red Balloon the staff are very attuned to that and I think would be right on it and deal with it.

If anyone has direct experience of the Harrow centre that would also be very helpful

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