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Sixth form choices

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7283413meyer Thu 09-Jul-20 13:56:08

Hi mums,

Some advice please smile:

My DD will write GCSE's next summer and we are considering moving her from her current school (about which we have some qualms).
Its mixed gender, an hour away by bus and quite expensive, to somewhere closer, cheaper and where we hope she will be happy.

She would like to do medicine at Uni so stong A levels are a must. We are considering: St Catherines Bramley, Guildford High, Kings Wimbledon, Sir William Perkins and Gordons - most of which have better A level results than her current school.

If you have any experience of moving to these schools at sixth form, I would be grateful to hear how easy the move was - some schools take in a large cohort but others just take in a few additional pupils, making friends becomes harder in the latter instance.

Any other suggestions are welcome.
Many thanks for your advice and opinions.

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EduCated Thu 09-Jul-20 17:03:54

You might get more response if you repost the thread with the area or school names in the title, to catch the eye of people who know them smile

My0My Thu 09-Jul-20 21:48:38

Some schools have a high requirement for GCSE grades to get into the 6th form. They get better results because they are selective. Some are more selective than others. Why don’t you start by looking up their 6th form applicant requirements and see where your DD might fit in academically. Then see if a school admits lots of girls or just a handful. How difficult is it to get in and how much competition is there likely to be.

Don’t forget your school might do well with the right girl. Does anyone get great A levels? Just sitting next to bright girls won’t make yours do better but great teaching might.

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