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North London: Parli v Camden and Acland Burghley

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TheBluePineapple Tue 30-Jun-20 19:34:19

I’d love to hear from one of those mythical parents that has daughters at both Parli and Camden but an insiders knowledge of either would be great. There are maybe more likely to be parents with sons at AB and daughters at C or PH. Can you compare and contrast the two for me?

Has anyone got anything negative to say about Camden? I hear the rumours that children feel the pressure or that it’s cliquey but I’ve not managed to get any first hand feedback.

I’ve read everything I can place my hands on from Mumsnet and I’ve looked round the schools but would be grateful for any info.

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Vinorosso74 Wed 01-Jul-20 19:48:59

Your DD must also be Y5? I think we're too far for a place at CSG but DD is wanting to try tho it won't be first choice.
I liked Acland Burghley but wasn't sure if DD would get lost amongst some of the other kids as when her teachers encourage her she can do really well. Again place unlikely but we're wondering where to put it on list.

TheBluePineapple Thu 02-Jul-20 10:39:08

Hi Vino, y6 and the CSG waiting list has moved enough that we may get a call. Having a would we be mad to turn it down moment and half hoping the call never comes.

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Vinorosso74 Fri 03-Jul-20 11:49:14

I see. No insider info but bumping for you. We just looked around the schools back in the autumn as DD will be 2021 entry.

TheBluePineapple Fri 03-Jul-20 12:35:12

Thanks Vinorosso74.

Parli has been great with its transition information, it sounds like a wonderfully caring school. I would now be loath to leave it.

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