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secondary schools in sheffield

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sibu Wed 26-Sep-07 14:15:02

Can anyone recommend any good secondary schools (state or private) in the Sheffield area?
Many thanks

UnquietDad Wed 26-Sep-07 14:31:00

Depends what you mean by "good". Do you mean those that perform best in the league tables? If so then the two main independents, Birkdale and Sheffield High, out-perform everyone else.

In the state sector, the best from this point of view are Silverdale, Tapton, Bradfield, King Edward's and High Storrs. Silverdale usually comes out on top, with the others jostling for position in the top 5. There is a vast tranche of schools in the middle and a cluster at the bottom which are awful - if I were in your position I'd be looking to avoid Chaucer, Hinde House and Myers Grove.

A couple of the "worst" schools, Myrtle Springs and Waltheof, have recently re-invented themselves as "Springs Academy" and "City Academy" respectively. It remains to be seen if a new building and nice new uniforms magically transform these schools into high achievers, given that they are working with the same "raw material", i.e. kids mostly from low-income council homes.

Are you thinking of moving? Be aware that the house prices will reflect the popularity of these schools - all on the western side of the city - and can add sometimes up to an extra 50% on the price of a house.

Often, people's school "decisions" in Sheffield seem to be borne out of a desire to escape a particular catchment rather than to "get into" one particularly.

However, it's possible that you may be looking at criteria other than simple academic "excellence" (which is a very dubious thing anyway). In this case I salute you. It's harder to determine which is better for your child - the only way is to visit some schools and talk to parents who have children at them.

Hope this helps!!

Hulababy Wed 26-Sep-07 14:35:05

Re. independent - are you looking for a girl or boy?

Girl's High School is the main independent for girls, followed by Brantwood. Brantwood only goes to 16 though - the girls genrally go to Birkdale's mixed sixth form and some go to Sheffield High.

For boys: Birkdale is the main independent school.

Co-ed there is Westbourne. However this doesn't tend to get as higher results as the High School and Birkdale. Abd despite now being co-ed there are still far more boys than girls in the school.

Further out there are other independent schools.

Whereabouts in the city are you thinking of?

UnquietDad Thu 27-Sep-07 09:14:01

was this any use, sibu?
can you give more info on what you want?

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