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GCSE year 10 revision tools

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Blubell46 Sat 02-May-20 09:36:48

Morning all,

I read from previous threads that Seneca was a good app to use.

I have looked into it and would like a trial before subscribing to it.

I was just wandering if anyone can briefly explain how Seneca supports the parent and the child.

My son is weak in Spainish and I believe he needs more work on this subject.

Is the website designed differently to support with different subjects? For example, languages and Spanish?

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Thank you

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RedskyAtnight Sat 02-May-20 11:58:00

Most of the stuff on Seneca is free - my DS only ever used the free version and found it covered everything he wanted. So I wouldn't bother paying for the subscription - at least until you've used it for a while and think the extra features are worth the money.

It offers interactive revision in a wide range of subjects, many by specific exam boards so you can pick the specific subjects and exam boards applicable to your son. It tends to show you some information about a subject and then ask you questions about it. It keeps track of your progress (if you create a free account) so you can pick up where you left off. I think it's good for learning the facts about a subject and for use as a revision tool, but should be supplemented with answering actual questions, particularly longer questions.
My DS didn't study Spanish - so can't answer specifically for that. I'd suggest you try it yourself.

SE13Mummy Sun 03-May-20 14:37:24

My Y10 has been using Seneca since the autumn and finds it more helpful for some subjects than for others. It's best for history and the three sciences according to DD, she found the Spanish hard work because some of the things are different from what she's done in school. Since the start of this term, she's had a couple of Zoom lessons with a local Spanish tutor. It's £15 an hour and brilliantly tailored to the things she needs to practise. She's also sent YouTube links for DD to watch between lessons which helps in terms of motivation. For DD, having the opportunity to practise speaking Spanish seems to be something she gets from the tutor that she doesn't get from Seneca.

JBX2013 Sun 03-May-20 15:57:13

Hey @Blubell46! ... I helped our daughter with Spanish GCSE and A Level. She eventually earned A* in each.

At GCSE, we had a primary focus on sentences in key vocabulary situations, e.g. Food and Cafe, supported by mini tests at the kitchen table and short conversations; some YouTube clips helped. ... Our secondary target was 'proper' Spanish usage; this we practised by watching a soap opera and then deciphering vocab and grammar together.

Blubell46 Mon 04-May-20 21:14:23

Thank you all for your advise...will check Seneca the free subscribe.

If anyone knows any good Spanish soaps my ds and I can watch on Netflix and Amazon prime it will be much appreciated.

My background is science and have no knowledge on languages but am always up for a good soap or movie!

Thank you.

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Lsinger1 Fri 05-Jun-20 18:22:25

We used it but the paid for version isn't great at all so I would not recommend it. BBC is better than it and we are now using the one that the school bought for all the children called century which really tailors the lessons for my children. We have not got Spanish on it though as they only gave maths and english and a couple other subjects to us. it is a fantastic app.

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