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Dartford grammar admissions

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Krishna10 Thu 05-Mar-20 19:26:58

Hi mums,

I need some advice. My son scored 393/420 in the Kent 11 plus exam and we are 9 mins away from the school. Technically we are not in the catchment as we in the Bexley borough. My son hasn’t been given his first preference which was Dartford Grammar school.
Please could you all suggest whether I should get his name added on the waiting list or go via the appeals process? Or should I do both? Any advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks

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SW16 Thu 05-Mar-20 19:40:49

1.accept the place you have been offered, it will not disadvantage you at all in getting a waiting list or Appeal place
2. Go on the waiting list, you have nothing to lose and may we’ll get a place. Waiting lists will move in a few weeks time, and then more over the summer.
3. Consider an appeal. You need to be able to demonstrate that there is something about Dartford that is very important to your child that is available there but not at the allocated school: a particular SEN provision, a language that he aims to study (with reasons), a sport that he takes part in etc. Travel, friends, academic results or just preferring the school are not the basis of a successful appeal.

Lots i helpful info about appeals on other threads.

chalkyc2 Thu 05-Mar-20 20:05:57

The Kent section of the 11+ forum has reported that the out of county cut off score for Dartford was 399 - so looks like you need to go on the waiting list.

Ionacat Thu 05-Mar-20 22:34:20

There’s lots of information about Dartford Grammar online. According to the elevenplus forum, there are 63 who scored between 396 and 398, which will give you an idea of the waiting list. also has a wealth of information on Dartford, says waiting list moved by 8 last year, so if that information is accurate, then you are unlikely to get in via the waiting list and your best bet is to appeal. (They allowed 6/130 appeals last year.) I would find all the appeal information on here and also have a look at the elevenplus appeal forum. It will be a long shot but more chance than the girls school who upheld 0 appeals last year and in 2017. At least the boys seems to uphold a few every year!

prh47bridge Thu 05-Mar-20 23:55:32

I agree with SW16. The waiting list and an appeal are not an either/or. You should do both. An appeal may be a long shot - grammar school appeals are not easy to win - but you've got nothing to lose. The worst that can happen is you lose your appeal, in which case you are in exactly the same position as you are today.

PettsWoodParadise Fri 06-Mar-20 06:38:24

You can go on the waiting list and appeal. You don’t have to choose between the two approaches.

Krishna10 Fri 06-Mar-20 07:36:21

Hi All, thanks so much for all the advice. We live in Bexley so please can someone advice to add my son to the waiting list do I need to contact the school or Bexley council?

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PettsWoodParadise Fri 06-Mar-20 07:55:53

I would do both to cover all bases. I would start with the school as they are their own admission authority and then check with Bexley if you are automatically on the waiting list for a higher preference school or need to formally request. I think it is the former for Bexley, but do check.

Also as others have said, do check out the elevenplusforum, they have fab guidance on appeals for grammar schools.

SW16 Fri 06-Mar-20 08:00:57

London boroughs (Bexley) do automatically put you on higher preference waiting lists, but I believe Kent does not.... so starting with the school seems best.

Was there an instruction or advice about waiting lists in your offer e mail?

NewElthamMum13 Sat 07-Mar-20 13:58:30

Did your son pass the Bexley test? Just wondering if your allocated school was also a grammar. Tbh feedback I've heard from people at Dartford is mixed, but it really depends what your alternatives are.

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