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Waiting list St Catherines

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cantwait2020 Sat 22-Feb-20 03:50:04

Does anyone know how much of a chance you have getting into st catherines through waiting list? Wish mums who are sitting on several offers would let the schools know wether they'll be accepting it or not so that the kids who are waiting for one offer can have an opportunity. I suppose next week after a long wait is their deadline.

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TalaxuArmiuna Sat 22-Feb-20 04:41:26

it's not unreasonable for parents to take some time deciding if they have a choice. it's a big decision and deserves thought. I doubt anyone is sitting on offers just to frustrate people on the waiting list. obviously state school allocations might also be relevant for some so those decisions can't be made till next week at the earliest. I think you need to be patient.

cantwait2020 Sat 22-Feb-20 20:32:44

I agree if you're waiting for state schools results but I know many who won't be sending their kids to state have more than 3 offers and haven't decided. Before you take these exams you more and less know which one is your first preference it's something you talk about almost 2 years prior. schools are also frustrated as they're waiting for mums to accept or reject and no movement at all.

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Fifthtimelucky Sun 23-Feb-20 09:42:06

I agree with you, OP. We did lots of research and visits in advance and applied for only two schools for my children: we all agreed which was the first choice and which was the reserve.

For the first daughter, we waited until we had both offers and rejected the place at the reserve school the day we were made the offer (we had wanted to know if the scholarship offer would be bigger, which it wasn't). For the younger, we withdrew our application to the reserve school a week before we were due to hear from them, as by then we had had the offer from the first choice school.

This time of year there are always lots of threads from people wondering which of several offers to accept. With the exception of those waiting to hear about state school places, I can't understand why people haven't decided by now.

ripple11 Sun 23-Feb-20 11:49:53

As said its a big decision, especially if scholarships, bursaries and state school allocation are involved.
Also most schools are offering taster days/information mornings , so it's reasonable to go to them first. We have rejected offers but are truly torn on two others and so are going to see them in the coming week.
All schools over offer, so the in all probability the waitlist is unlikely to move much until deadline day.

TeddTess Sun 23-Feb-20 16:52:37

People are generally selfish.
They DO sit on offers. Never understood why.
I even know some who lose a term's fees to have the priviliege of "thinking it through" confused - they don't want to be rushed.

The sooner the schools application process moves to a UCAS style system the better for all involved.

cantwait2020 Sun 23-Feb-20 17:07:25

I agree teddtess, system is really awful for children and parents full of stress anxiety and money making machines all the best to everyone

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