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Today’s league tables in The Times?

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GnarlyOldGoatDude Fri 07-Feb-20 18:36:09

Can’t find it online without subscribing, but don’t suppose anyone has The Times today with the secondary school league tables in please? Am interested in Sussex, state and independent- anyone able to post a photo please?? Thank you smile

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clary Fri 07-Feb-20 19:34:22

I would think you'll find it online on your local paper website or in the printed local paper...AFAIK it's not exclusive to the Times. The ones for where I live were in the local paper today and in its online edition last night.

hennyspennys Fri 07-Feb-20 19:37:04

You can view the state school ones on the BBC website.

Lonecatwithkitten Fri 07-Feb-20 20:01:39

All available for free on gov website.®ion=938&la-name=west-sussex&geographic=la&for=secondary

GnarlyOldGoatDude Fri 07-Feb-20 21:27:24

Ah ok thanks all, I thought it was something special by the Times. A school in another county had posted something, not seen it locally. Many thanks smile

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