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Saint Peters York

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thebluebellas Thu 23-Jan-20 08:21:27

Moving up to York in summer and looking for opinions on St Peter’s school please from parents with children there.
It would be the first time my children have done Saturday school so wondering how well that goes down!
Also general feedback and things to keep in mind - from what I can see there are no school busses so I'd be doing the drop off myself
Assume most children stay after school for activities which seem plentiful and broad in choice.
Having looked around we were very impressed with the school and enjoyed chatting to the children but signing on the dotted line is a big thing!!

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BubblesBuddy Fri 24-Jan-20 15:32:44

I don’t know the school personally, but if a school requires Saturday mornings, then you and DC sign up to it. It’s non negotiable and sports matches might be in the afternoons. Schools like this are a way of life and you do have to understand and subscribe to the ethos because it will be the source of endless arguments with DC if you don’t. If DC are not happy with the way the school works, then it might not be right for you.

As the school is boarding (my DDs boarded elsewhere) there will be lots for DC to do. Pick up times might be quite late if DC want to do a lot of activities. Chapel might be quite early too if they start with that. I would ask when they do prep if they do after-school activities.

I guess they want DC to board if they don’t have school transport. Maybe ask if day parents arrange lifts between themselves.

EwwSprouts Fri 24-Jan-20 16:35:03

Agree Saturdays will tend to be sport. DS goes to a day school and that still entails lots of Saturday matches dotted around the county.

Rosieposy4 Fri 24-Jan-20 19:33:44

It seems to me to have a lovely atmosphere. I don’t teach there and my dc didn’t go there but I have been reasonably often either as a parent watching sporting fixtures, or as a member of staff from another school with my students ( I was there this week).
I know quite a few kids get the train to school as it is so close to the city centre. The students are polite, articulate and friendly. If I was choosing schools again, and could afford it then it would be pretty close to top of the list.

thebluebellas Sat 25-Jan-20 23:12:55

Thanks all for the comments.
Nice to hear that, Rosyposie.
I think I'm happy with everything except the Saturdays ... Must say most kids and parents I've spoken to there and at other schools haven't had an issue with it. It's me getting my head around it!

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SchneeA Sun 26-Jan-20 10:53:27

Our DC goes to st. Peters, and is very happy there (we think). Saturday school is definately non negotiable. The day begins between 8 to 8:30 in the common room, academic lessons begin at 8:40. Lunch is 12:20 to 14:00. After lunch is sports until 16:00. Chapel is three times a week, 8:30 to 9:00am. They are currently talking about providing shuttle services from some park and ride stations around york, you can ask for more details from school. There are quite a few students commute by train, the station is about 10 mins walk from the school. Prep can be done at home or at school. They can do prep in their common rooms or the library after school if they want. Not many kids choose to do after school activities but they have so much sport during the school days and sport fixtures around the country if your kid is the A team! All in all saturday school isnt a problem if you are used to itsmile

thebluebellas Sun 26-Jan-20 12:40:21

Thanks, SchneeA.
I'd heard about the shuttle idea. Perhaps car
Sharing could be an option too once families are introduced.
What do the children who aren't as sporty do - are they still put in teams and have to play ?

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SchneeA Sun 26-Jan-20 15:09:41

They play sports at PE lessons, games lessons and saturday afternoon regardless of ability. During games, you have to choose at least one main sport that you do three times a week (running, rugby, rowing, squash, netball, tennis, hockey, cricket..etc). In PE, you do a different sport every half term (i.e. fitness, swimming, volleyball). Both PE and games are compulsory. Obviously if you are picked for the school teams, you may have to miss academic lessons for tournaments and matches (if u r not keen, you can always play badly!). Basically you dont have to be good at sport but you have to do it, so its best if u find one or two you would enjoy.

thebluebellas Sun 26-Jan-20 15:47:22

Ah ok - sounds like there's lots of choice and it wouldn't be purgatory for anyone not A team rugby standard!
Thanks - that's v helpful It was probably explained at the open day but there was information overload to be honest, with other schools in the mix too

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thebluebellas Tue 28-Jan-20 21:48:45

One more thing - class sizes. I've been told 20 and 26 by different sources and can't remember which way round (a parent and the staff)
Perhaps one was a max class size but that seems huge for an independent

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