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If you are getting away with skinny trousers

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Shesaysso Sun 12-Jan-20 21:40:30

My DD12 just under 5ft and very slim - wears the George Asda skinny fit ones which she deems acceptable.

MaybeDoctor Wed 08-Jan-20 17:32:28

Trutex do waist and length, for boys at least

SarahTancredi Wed 08-Jan-20 17:19:20

I wasnt being sarcastic.

I never expect things to look exactly like the picture but clipping explains why they seem to fit the models as opposed to hang off them

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OrangeSlice Wed 08-Jan-20 17:16:46

Ok, well good luck finding something

theweightlossone Wed 08-Jan-20 17:11:46

Not sure if you’re being sarcastic or not

SarahTancredi Wed 08-Jan-20 16:54:48

Well that explains everything..

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theweightlossone Wed 08-Jan-20 16:54:11

In photos they tend to clip them so any excess fabric isn’t seen.

SarahTancredi Wed 08-Jan-20 16:47:38

At those prices plus delivery I'm not paying for alterations too. I cant sew and last time I used wonder web it was rubbish.

I think I'll set up a next account and order multiple sizes and slim/reg fit and then return in store the ones that dont fit.

I really dont know what's up with the bloody things. Shes a perfectly normal size/shape teen. Either the models in the pics are really photoshopped so you dont see the arse fabric that hangs to the back of the knees or they get them properly fitted and then the shops stock something completely different in reality...grin

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TeenPlusTwenties Wed 08-Jan-20 16:46:33

I have spent the last X years turning up trousers for my DDs. Just did a pair today for my 20yo's work trousers. Even petite ranges come out too long for her.
(And before anyone asks why she's not doing it for herself, she has dyspraxia, her sewing is pretty atrocious, and we have more important things to focus on right now!)

OrangeSlice Wed 08-Jan-20 16:41:10

Could you get them taken up?

SarahTancredi Wed 08-Jan-20 16:33:28

Aaah same problem as the others in the uniform shop then.

When we checked in september she needed the 24/24 which they didnt seem to have anything longer was too long...

A 29 leg would be too long

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EddieVeddersfoxymop Wed 08-Jan-20 16:25:38

My skinny 12 year old DD wears ones from Next. They're fine, still need to pull in the waist but they do fit well

OrangeSlice Wed 08-Jan-20 16:21:43

They are sized in waist size and length

SarahTancredi Wed 08-Jan-20 16:09:26

Banner orange are the ones she is wearing. But in the junior not senior. I haven't seen the senior versions as the uniform shop does a different brand for seniors.

Those look ok though please tell me they size in ages not the numbers?

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OrangeSlice Wed 08-Jan-20 15:32:56

Our school outfitters sells a brand called Banner (we've not tried them though as the dds wear skirts)

OrangeSlice Wed 08-Jan-20 15:14:08


Yokohamajojo Wed 08-Jan-20 11:49:01

My son (13) only wears the skinny fit ones from Dunnes Stores, all other ones have been deemed too baggy. Luckily we have family in Ireland so they send them when needed or we buy when over there. They may do online though

chalkyc2 Tue 07-Jan-20 22:55:53

How about trying the boys version from M&S? Maybe less hip material? My slighter DS likes the skinny fit, slim fit for my sturdier one!

SarahTancredi Tue 07-Jan-20 19:17:46

Unfortunately we have tried several pairs from m&s and they have been consistently dreadful. The waist and hip area have twice as much material as they need to

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Cuddling57 Tue 07-Jan-20 19:15:12

Marks and Spencer are good for boys ones. They do so many different styles it hurts my head!

SarahTancredi Tue 07-Jan-20 18:56:06

Sorry i should have said its for a teenager . shes not quite in adult sizes yet shes only arkung 4ft9/10

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theweightlossone Tue 07-Jan-20 18:54:08

I got some for work from ASOS if that helps. They were about £25-30.

SarahTancredi Tue 07-Jan-20 18:50:10

Because they dont actually look skinny but more slim fit, what are they and where are they from.

Not supposed to have them really but having grown out the only pair thats fitted her in 8 years and the next size up not fitting, and being desperate for a pair that dont have enough extra material round the waist and hips to make a skirt to go with it, I'm willing to risk it provided they can get away with being called slim.leg as opposed to super skinny...

The ones in new.look seem.all sold out sad

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